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Simon Kinberg’s March Toward Dark Phoenix

The Dark Phoenix most likely marks the end of almost two decades worth of X-Men film continuity as the franchise is about to gain new owners who will surely want to scrap everything and start […]

Disney Will Release Whatever Fox Has Finished or In Production & That Might Include a Family Guy Movie

“Disney will release all of Fox’s movies that are complete or in production at the time of the acquisition, said a person with knowledge of its plans. It’s less certain what will happen to films […]

Fox Searchlight to Hulu? $100 Million Budgets? No R-Rated Movies? – Assessing Disney’s Current Streaming Plans

Before yesterday’s earnings calls with Disney CEO Bob Iger, here’s what we knew or at least believed to be true about the Mouse House’s forthcoming streaming service and overall streaming plans: The Disney-branded streaming service […]

It’s Rumor Time: Lucas Returning to Star Wars? Disney Preparing to Bury Fox’s New X-Men Movies?

I normally resist reporting on rumors, but these two are too juicy to pass up. One of them is still up in the air. The other appears to have been squashed: Star Wars to Get […]

The Human Cost of Our X-Men-Avengers Crossover Dreams

Comcast, either out of fear over potential regulatory hurdles or simply because their CEO was always just in this to stick it to Bob Iger, has waved the corporate white flag of surrender and allowed […]

Bad Blood: Looking Back at Comcast’s Attempt to Buy Disney in 2004

Did Comcast CEO Brian Roberts just Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot Bob Iger? That statement requires more explanation: Starring in 1992’s Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot was one of the worst decisions of […]

Merger Mania: The AT&T/Time Warner Dominoes Will Ripple Throughout Hollywood

It used to be that Hollywood studios were bought by corporate conglomerates; now, the corporate conglomerates that own the studios are the ones being bought. Or at least that’s the case with AT&T’s newly approved […]

Deadpool 2’s Marketing Might Be More Interesting Than the Actual Movie

Deadpool 2 spoilers below.  Deadpool isn’t real. He’s just an early 90s Rob Liefeld fever dream with an intentional Spider-Man knockoff costume who has since become Ryan Reynolds’ personal mascot and career-saver. We all know […]

Deadpool 2 Ups its Budget and Stakes but Maintains its Anarchic Edge (Spoiler-Free Review)

Walking into my screening of Deadpool 2, I had some trepidation. After all, 2016’s Deadpool worked because it felt so fresh and different from every other superhero film surrounding it on the release calendar. Much […]

Comcast & Disney’s Fight for 21st Century Fox Might Be Decided By Taxes

In this new age of corporate consolidation, it’s starting to get weird out there. AT&T’s still firing people left and right and weathering a PR storm over the revelation it paid President Trump’s fixer fifty […]