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Movie Review: Snatched Is the Black Sheep to Trainwreck’s Tommy Boy

Amy Schumer has repeatedly run afoul of Twitter, which, really, welcome to 2017. That’s not hard to do these days. Amy Schumer has repeatedly run afoul of other comedians who’ve accused her of stealing jokes, […]

Hollywood Shuffle – Blair Witch, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Episode VIII, Black Lightning & Tremors News

In this Hollywood news round-up, there are updates on Universal’s deal with DreamWorks Animation, the box office lessons of the summer, Blair Witch, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Star Wars: Episode VIII, Ghostbusters, Captain America: Civil War, Tremors […]

Hollywood Shuffle – News for August 31, 2016

In this Hollywood news round-up, there are updates on the fall movie season, Bad Moms, Sausage Party, Ghostbusters, Neighbors 2, Terminator 2, Captain Marvel, Miles Ahead, A Monster Calls, Rogue One, Richard Linklater’s latest and […]

Oceans Ocho & Ghostbusters – When Progress Means Being Allowed to Fail

Warner Bros. is officially moving forward with an all-female Oceans 11 spin-off with a working title of Oceans Ocho, and they’re not letting the startling failure of Ghostbusters stop them. To some, this might seem […]

Ghostbusters Week 4 Box Office Update

This is the week 4 update. For week 2,  head here. For week 3, head here. Another Ghostbusters box office update article? As American Public Media’s Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal might say, cue the sad […]

Ghostbusters Week 3 Box Office: Yep, They Need the Foreign Market to Save Them Now

This is the week 3 update. Here’s a link to the week 2 update and the week 4 update. What Sony is currently facing with Ghostbusters is an all-too-familiar story these days: Confronted with dwindling […]

The Ghostbusters Box Office Update Is Full of Bad News

This is an update on Ghostbusters‘ second weekend box office. For the third weekend box office, head here. For the fourth weekend box office, head here. Ghostbusters co-screenwriter Katie Dippold told KPCC’s The Frame the […]

Stranger Things & Ghostbusters: The Refreshingly Familiar Vs. The Tired Retread

There will be minimal Stranger Things and Ghostbusters spoilers in this post. What would you rather watch: an homage or a recreation? To put that into the context of film and TV, would you rather […]

Box Office: Tarzan, Ghostbusters & The Folly of Spending Sequel Money on Non-Sequels

One of the lessons from this year’s summer box office is that you really shouldn’t spend sequel money on a non-sequel unless the world really, really wants what you have to offer. However, right now […]

5 Ways The Ghostbusters Reboot Became the Perfect Storm for Online Outrage

Over the past couple of days, as industry trades like Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline have dutifully relayed weekend box office updates they’ve repeatedly referred to Sony’s Ghostbusters reboot as “the most talked about film […]