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Box Office: Just How High Could La La Land Go?

It’s good to be anyone connected to La La Land right about now. Awards bodies are falling over themselves to shower the film with trophies (a record-setting 7 at the Golden Globes) and nominations (11 […]

Why Does Jennifer Lawrence Keep Playing Characters She’s Too Young For?

Funny or Die has declared that Jennifer Lawrence playing characters she’s way too young to be playing has officially entered into mockable territory. To be fair, it’s pretty much exclusive to her David O. Rusell […]

Joy Review: David O. Russell’s Up There On Screen Still Trying to Figure Out What He Wants His Movie to Be

Joy, David O. Russell’s partially fictional biopic of miracle mop inventor Joy Mangano, is a strange movie. It is dedicated to the strong women of the world, yet almost none of the women in the […]

David O. Rusell & Jennifer Lawrence’s Joy: Will It Be More American Hustle or Silver Linings Playbook?

David O. Russell’s latest Jennifer Lawrence-Bradley Cooper movie, Joy, just released a fantastic teaser.  Vulture joked that it clearly signals the beginning of awards season.  Haven’t we been here before with this same director and […]

Here’s the First Trailer for Serena, the Jennifer Lawrence-Bradley Cooper Movie They Shot Over 2 Years Ago

You know how just yesterday I was talking about Serena, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, and openly wondering why it has been sitting on the shelf for over 2 years?  That was funny timing on […]

It Stars Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper – So, Why Has Serena Been Sitting on the Shelf for 2 Years?

Pretty much exactly 2 years ago Silver Linings Playbook premiered at the Toronto Film Festival where it won the People’s Choice Award.  Sure, it was kind of odd watching Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence as […]

Why Do We Care About the Oscars?

Go here to see the list of 2014 Oscar nominees. Tonight, the film world turns its weary eyes toward a dapper bald man named Oscar, who will be going home with at least 24 different […]