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The Guys Who Made Powerless Now Get to Make a Harley Quinn Animated Series. Is That a Good Match?

Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker and Dean Lorey have just been hired by Warner Bros. to producer 26 half-hour episodes of a Harley Quinn animated series to launch on DC’s stand-alone streaming service next year. According […]

Making Lower-Budget Standalone DC Movies? Good Idea. Making The First One a Joker Origin Story? Bad Idea.

Here’s the (maybe) good news: Warner Bros. is planning a separate batch of lower-budget, standalone DC movies. Here’s the (definitely) bad news: The first one of these might be a Joker origin story directed by […]

Box Office: Will Hollywood Try to Explain Away Wonder Woman’s Success & Return to the Status Quo?

Before I start into my whole spiel about how this could all go horribly wrong, let’s just stop to scoreboard watch and celebrate: They did it. They actually did it. Patty Jenkins just broke through […]

Forget About Nightwing and Batman. Worry More About Justice League, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

I might as well pull a page from The Simpsons and call this post “Old Man Yells at Cloud” because I feel like an old, Grandpa Simpson-esque crank when it comes to Warner Bros.’ DC […]

Do You Or Does Anyone You Know Actually Want Warner Bros. to Make Suicide Squad 2?

We all live in our social media bubbles, and self-select into social circles and media outlets which only reflect our own opinions back at us. As a result, me saying I do not personally know a […]

My Thoughts on WB Moving Foward on a Gotham City Sirens Movie

It has now been 48 hours since The Hollywood Reporter revealed Warner Bros. is officially moving forward on the long-rumored Harley Quinn team-up movie. Contrary to earlier rumors, the source material will not be Birds […]

Box Office: Suicide Squad Is Somehow Now as Leggy as Captain America: Civil War

Something strange happened with Suicide Squad‘s box office once I stopped looking: it stopped free-falling. Suicide Squad Box Office As Of 9/8/16 To recap, during its first 3 weeks in theaters Suicide Squad was Batman […]

23 New DC Movie & TV Show Rumors

Hey, wanna hear a bunch of bullshit about the future of WB’s DC Extended Universe that might not actually be bullshit but we have no real way of knowing for sure? Well, man have you […]

Hollywood Rumblings – News for August 27, 2016

In this Hollywood news round-up, there are updates on the Venice Film Festival, Netflix, Suicide Squad, Justice League, Guardians, Don’t Breathe and Gotham. Plus, this: THE COOLEST FUCKING THING I READ THIS WEEK From CNN […]

Suicide Squad Box Office Update: Week 3

“The movie’s got to do $750 million, $800 million to break even. If they get anywhere close to that, they’ll consider it a win.” That’s what one insider told THR about Suicide Squad on the […]