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Wonder Woman’s Box Office is a Reminder That Hollywood Can Still Sometimes Catch Lightning in a Bottle

The Hollywood Reporter pulled in plenty of eyeballs recently with its headline that Wonder Woman is now the most resilient superhero movie of the last 15 years (meaning it has built off of its opening […]

3 Larger Lessons from Last Week’s News – Fake Wonder Woman News, Star Wars Drama & Yet Another Failed Blockbuster

Last week was not a good time to go on vacation. So much happened in pop culture while I was away, and here are the lessons I think we learned: Pop culture is by no […]

Box Office: Wonder Woman Is Now the Most Resilient Superhero Movie Since the First Spider-Man

Wonder Woman is kind of a big deal. You don’t need to know anything about the film’s box office performance to know that. Simply browse social media, drop in on some podcasts, check out a […]

Box Office: The Mummy, Dark Universe & When Studios Stop Caring About the Domestic Audience

The Mummy is a flop. I want so badly to be able to say that. The Mummy is a terrible, terrible movie that says quite a lot of unflattering things about the people who made […]

Nitpicking Wonder Woman: The Answers to 10 Questions You Might Have After Seeing the Movie

You’ve seen Wonder Woman. So have I. OMG, how good was that No Man’s Land scene, right? You probably have some questions about the plot and future of the franchise. So do I. Roll the […]

Box Office: Will Hollywood Try to Explain Away Wonder Woman’s Success & Return to the Status Quo?

Before I start into my whole spiel about how this could all go horribly wrong, let’s just stop to scoreboard watch and celebrate: They did it. They actually did it. Patty Jenkins just broke through […]

Film Review: Wonder Woman – It’s About Damn Time

I loved this movie. Yeah, but it has its fair share of problems. You’re right. It’s not perfect. Still, I loved this movie. But it has lackluster villains, a mind-numbing third act and some pacing […]

The Studios Will Release 25 Movies With Toy Tie-ins This Year. The Normal Total is 8.

Normally I’d attempt to extensively expand upon a news item and examine what it means in terms of Hollywood trends, but I don’t have time for all that today, not with my computer acting up […]

Box Office: Has Summer 2017 Already Peaked?

As I left Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 I had a Jack Nicholson moment, thinking to myself: What if Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is as good as it gets for movies this summer? […]

Forget About Nightwing and Batman. Worry More About Justice League, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

I might as well pull a page from The Simpsons and call this post “Old Man Yells at Cloud” because I feel like an old, Grandpa Simpson-esque crank when it comes to Warner Bros.’ DC […]