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Steve Trevor Is In Wonder Woman 2 (Correction: Wonder Woman 1984). Are You Cool With That?

Well, that was unexpected. The Wonder Woman sequel which is now working under the official, fantastically Orwellian title Wonder Woman 1984 started filming two days ago. To celebrate the occasion, Patty Jenkins did this: Welcome […]

The People Responsible for Those DC Movies You Probably Didn’t Like Aren’t in Charge Anymore

In 2013, Warner Bros. released not just a franchise-starter, but a brand new cinematic universe. Take that, Marvel Studios. Your MCU is so hot? Well, here’s our own thing. We’re making direct sequels, spin-offs, sequels […]

The Check-In: Have You Reached Superhero Fatigue Yet?

Wakanda forever, Black Panther. Hey Infinity War, I’m still not feeling so good. Hah. Storyline reference. Deadpool 2. Meta! Fridging! Jokes! Crazy marketing! Oh, what about that post credits-scene! Amiright? Good times. As Ron Burgundy […]

Cathy Yan Has One Indie Movie to Her Name. Now She’s Directing a Hollywood Blockbuster. A Bunch of Dudes Already Know the Feeling.

In terms of Hollywood career paths, Cathy Yan’s might be hard to emulate: born in China, raised in Hong Kong, moved to D.C., became a reporter for The Wall Street Journal based out of New […]

Taking Stock of the DCEU: Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off?

Batgirl is caput (for now.) Flashpoint’s directors haven’t started work yet because their contract has yet to be finalized even after a month of negotiations. And Justice League continues to get trounced at the box […]

What Does Logan’s Surprising WGA Nomination Mean for Its Oscar Chances?

Well, that wasn’t supposed to happen. When the Writers Guild of America announced their annual nominations today if there was going to be a superhero movie among the adapted screenplay nominees Wonder Woman was going […]

Kelly’s Favorite 20 Films of 2017: The Blockbusters Strike Back

2017 was a weird year for movies. There were uncommonly good blockbusters in the first half of the year and uncommonly pedestrian awards contenders in the second half (Suburbicon, anyone?). We still don’t really have […]

Warner Bros. Is About To Do Either the Best or Worst Possible Thing It Could for the DCEU

From the outside looking in, it doesn’t seem as if anyone at Warner Bros. truly knows for sure what’s going on with its DC films anymore, and a new report has only added further confusion […]

Box Office: Just How Thoroughly Did Thor: Ragnarok Kick Justice League’s Ass?

Justice League. Box Office. Go: What It Was Projected to Make: $110m domestic, $325m worldwide What It Actually Made: $96m domestic, $281m worldwide How Bad Is That?: That $110m projection was already seen as a […]

Brief Reminder: Justice League Employed 1,700 People, None of Whom Set Out to Make a Bad Movie

Almost all comic book movies these days come with at least one post-credits scene. Justice League is no different. In fact, it has two. There’s a funny one as well as a remarkably important one […]