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Oh you know, I'm just your typical wallflower, high school theatre nerd who minored in film studies, attained her M.A. in English Literature,works as a substitute teacher, and decided to go to nursing school, but really wants to be a writer who blogs about pop culture, and then have people who. . .wait for it. . .actually read/ look forward to what she writes. In my spare time (when it's there), I watch one of my many blu-rays or DVDs (about 800 now), reading my kindle (one of the greatest inventions ever), playing my ipod (another one of the greatest inventions ever), obsess over b=Broadway musicals and horror films, and play my guitar (badly). In other words, I have no life that doesn't revolve aroung pop culture or school. Sigh.

The Joyous Energy of Thor: Ragnarok: A Spoiler-Filled Review

When it comes to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, Thor has always been the most problematic of characters. It’s nothing against Chris Hemsworth, who’s never less than charismatic when he hoists his mighty hammer into the air, […]

Mourning Tom Petty

Anyone who knows me is aware of my tendency to get on “kicks.” I’ll find an artist or a film or a TV show and I’ll talk about it with anyone in earshot until they’re […]

What Makes Logan So Heartbreaking? (Spoilers)

I have a confession to make: I didn’t cry at Logan. It’s nothing to do with the film’s quality or emotional power. The film has the ability to make you care whether or not a […]

Top 10 Episodes of the Vampire Diaries

It’s always been easy to dismiss Vampire Diaries, CW’s supernatural, soapy, teen romance. Early previews painted it as a Twilight ripoff centered around its photogenic cast brooding and…well, not doing much else. Early buzz did […]

Film Review: The Bleak Beauty of Manchester by the Sea

Manchester by the Sea, Kenneth Lonergan’s bleak, moving portrayal of new grief piling itself upon deep-rooted anguish, exists in a perpetually cloudy and frigid setting. The titular town, comprised exclusively of somber colors, cannot help […]

Film Review: The Romance and Realism of the Flawless La La Land

Sometimes you walk into a film that just feels like it was designed exclusively for you. Watching Damien Chazelle’s exuberant, melancholy-tinged La La Land, it felt as though someone took everything I could potentially love […]

Film Review: Rogue One is a War Film Hiding in a Feel-Good Franchise

Gareth Edward’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story bases its entire narrative upon a single line of text in A New Hope’s opening scroll: “During [a] battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to […]

Arrival is the Film I Didn’t Know I Needed

“What is your purpose on Earth?” That is the question at the heart of Denis Villenevue’s smart, intimate Arrival. Of course, the question is being directed at mollusk-like lifeforms in hovering monoliths, inquiring whether the confirmation […]

Pop Culture Salves for Your Post-Election Depression

This time last week, I awoke to find myself in an election-shaped cloud of despair. I stumbled out of bed, walked over to my mom, and simply muttered, “I hate people.” The week since has […]

Captain America: Civil War: Avenger Against Avenger – A Spoiler-Lite Review

About half-way through Captain America: Civil War, Bucky, the brainwashed, tortured, Captain America partner turned programmable assassin (Sebastian Stan) questions whether or not he’s worth saving. After all, he’s taken lives and committed crimes. Captain […]