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See the New Batmobile Even Though We Still Won’t Actually See Batman v. Superman Until March 2016

Batman Vs. Superman (screw its official title, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) does not come out for something like 19 more months.  That’s long enough that the new iPhone Apple just announced this week will probably be obsolete by then.  It’s also a movie still being directed by Zack Snyder, and if you were on the hate it side of his very love it or hate it Man of Steel then Batman Vs. Superman probably won’t do much for you.  However, we just can’t seem to look away from all the rumors and potential spoilers from Batman Vs. Superman‘s Detroit set, a testament to our collective inability to turn away from the overwhelming appeal of icons like Batman and Superman appearing on screen together.

Then again, my best friend, a devout Batman fan, has mostly turned completely away from any Batman Vs. Superman stories because she doesn’t like Zack Snyder’s movies, can’t picture Ben Affleck as Batman, and never really liked Superman anyway.  So, what the heck should she care about this movie that’s totally shaping up to be a white hot mess?

I envy that self-control because I think those same things, but when I see that a picture of the new Batmobile has leaked from the set of the movie I kind of have to see what it looks like.  We’d previously had the very controlled release of classy black & white photos through Zack Snyder’s Twitter account:



Now, they apparently just left the dang thing unattended on the streets of Detroit, with its doors wide open, lifting up instead of out, ala a Dolorean, letting some random person grab some photos:




The problem is that while that is how this new Batmobile looks in real life it’s probably not 100% how they’ll have it look in the finished film.  For one thing, will it really look that dirty unless made dirty through some action sequence?  Plus, they always have multiple versions of the Batmobiles built for each film.  How do we know which version this is?

So, spurred on by PR damage control need Zack Snyder has now released a new official photo of his Batmobile, imploring us to ignore the above spy photos and instead rejoice at the type of angle and shot composition the Batmobile will more likely been seen at in the actual film:


The Christopher Nolan Tumblr this is not, although it’s also not quite just the souped up sports car of Tim Burton.  I am immediately struck by what appears to be machine guns mounted to the end of the hood.  In many ways, they appear to be aping Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns for this new Batman, but while that inspiration has trickled down to the design of the new Batsuit it appears as if they didn’t also simply rip off Miller for the Batmobile.  That’s probably because that’s kind of what Christopher Nolan already did, giving us a more streamlined version of the tank Miller used in Returns.  Instead, this new Batmobile almost has an insect-like appearance, specifically in the photos from the set.

It’s…different.  It’s also something we won’t see in a movie for 19 more months.  What do you think of the new Batmobile?  Let us know in the comments.  I’m leaning toward liking it, beginning to wonder if Batman Vs. Superman will pretty much get everything about Batman totally right but everything else totally wrong.

Batman Vs. Superman is due out 3/25/16.

Source: THR

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