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The Non-Story About Alison Brie’s Inolvement with Season 6 of Community

This kind of story just annoys me because it’s not really a story.  The press looked at a vague Twitter exchange yesterday between a fan and a writer for Community, and jumped all over how you could interpret the writer’s response to mean that Alison Brie is not returning to the show.

Here’s the Twitter exchange:

Here’s ScreenCrush‘s spin on it:

This is the first we’re hearing of Brie’s potential departure mind you, though Yvette Nicole Brown’s involvement with CBS’ ‘Odd Couple’ reboot had similarly raised questions of Shirley’s role in ‘Community’ season 6, the first on Yahoo Screen, only to prove unfounded. Twitter responses like the above might easily be misconstrued as well, though writer-producer Chris McKenna had also given cryptic advance warning of ‘Community”s season 5 demise, so staff isn’t above giving honest responses over social media.

Okay.  Actually.  That’s a bit more well-reasoned than I expected.  However, I was annoyed that ScreenCrush had done to me what I’ve probably done to others with some of my very own articles: they got me to fall for clickbait, one of those titles that doesn’t actually deliver what it promises.  The title was “Community Season 6: Alison Brie’s Return Not Yet Confirmed,” and I clicked only to get a story about how some writer on the show simply vaguely indicated he didn’t know what they were going to do in the first script of the new season, which they are only just now starting to write.

Either way, Dan Harmon, he who cannot even make it through a Community Comic-Con panel without frequently using his phone to check his Twitter account, quickly jumped in to clear the air:

Basically, what has happened here is that Community has gone outside of the normal TV system to get a season 6 made, and as such we are not getting the guarantees we normally would if it was still on NBC.  We still have no idea when the new episodes are really going to drop on Yahoo Screen, with the initial ballpark date range given to us by Yahoo (sometime this Fall) running counter to what Dan Harmon has said (they’ll only start writing the episodes in the Fall, with the first hitting Yahoo no sooner than Christmas).  We seem to mostly be going off of quotes from interviews as to who among the cast is 100% signed up to return.  So, the fact that Alison Brie wasn’t with them at Comic-Con this year, and has hardly spoken in interviews or via social media about season 6 has had everyone worried she wasn’t coming back, following Donald Glover and Chevy Chase out the door among Community’s original cast.  Well, apparently she’s coming back.  Yay!  The internet will soon have more footage to add to its seemingly endless .gifs of the voluptuous Alison Brie doing unsexy things which look sexy when shown in slow-motion.

Mental note: if Alison Brie turns out to have some kind of reduced schedule this season meaning she’ll barely appear at all boy will I owe the internet an apology for chastising it for overreacting to stuff like vague Twitter exchanges.

Source: ScreenCrush

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