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Trailer: Judy Greer Behaves Badly in Addicted To Fresno

You probably know Judy Greer from Arrested Development (“Say Goodbye to These!”). Or maybe alongside Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30. Or as the voice of Cheryl on Archer. Or those odd series of cell phone plan commercials she co-starred in over the past couple of years. Or as the female half of the titular married couple on FX’s Married. Or…

The point is that Greer’s been around, so much so that she actually wrote a book called I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: My Life as a Co-Star. That so-called life of a co-star has served her well this summer considering she’s Paul Rudd’s ex-wife in Ant-Man, Bryce Dallas Howard’s more maternal sister in Jurassic World and the off-screen voice of Britt Robertson‘s mom in Tomorrowland. These are, of course, entirely thankless roles. However, that time she put into playing pleasant caregivers in some of this summer’s biggest movies provides an interesting counterpoint to her upcoming R-Rated comedy Addicted to Fresno, in which she plays “a sex addict who tries to get her life together, but accidentally kills a guy and then robs a sex shop, neither of which really helps her plight.” It’s kind of like Choke with a female lead character instead of the sex addict played by Sam Rockwell. Also, with Greer as the eternal fuck-up supported by her sister (Natasha Lyonne) there’s also a faint echo of Emily Blunt and Amy Adams in Sunshine Cleaning.

Here’s the very redbandish trailer. Be warned: at one point, you could somewhat accurately call this trailer a barrel-full-of-dildos:

Addicted to Fresno opens On Demand on September 1, and goes to theaters on October 2. The supporting cast is stellar with Aubrey Plaza, Fred Armisen, Jessica St. Clair, Molly Shannon, Michael Hitchcock, Kumail Nanjiani and Ron Livingston. It looks like the type of comedy people will discover through Netflix down the road and wonder why they’d never heard of it before.  That sounds negative.  I didn’t mean it to.  It’s just that indie comedies like Addicted to Fresno usually struggle to attract much attention.  So, here I am doing my part to give it the spotlight and acknowledge that it looks like it could be fun, joining the growing list of comedies which could be described as “women behaving badly” (e.g., Young Adult, Bachelorette, Bad Teacher, Sleeping with Other People). 

What do you think?

Sources: SlashFilm

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