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Currently Binge-Watching Jessica Jones, Will Return Soon

This seems pretty self-explanatory, really.  I would normally have posted a new article (or two or three or four) today, but, um, there’s this new show called Jessica Jones.  It’s on Netflix. Maybe you’ve heard of it.  It’s really good.

Let’s get back together and talk about it later.  For now, I’m on to the next episode.

Update: Here’s a link to my reaction to the show’s first 3 episodes: http://wp.me/p39B8E-4Qe


  1. Oooo I might start watching Jessica Jones then 🙂 I saw the trailer and thought the plot seemed quite interesting!!! Plus Krysten Ritter is in it!!! And I have just been watching her in Breaking Bad, she is everywhere 🙂

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