Here are the major movies of 2015 which haven’t come out yet: Krampus, In the Heart of the Sea, The Big Short, In the Heart of the Sea, Alvin and the Chipmunks 3, Sisters, Concussion, Joy, Daddy’s Home, Point Break, The Hateful Eight and The Revenant.  Plus, oh yeah, Star Wars.  Does that list make it seem like it’s probably too early to be looking back at the year that was in cinema?  Or do we already pretty much have a good idea what to think of 2015’s movies, i.e., the ones we loved, the ones we hated, and the ones we wish more people would have seen?

Editor Ben Zuk figured we’ve already seen enough to start looking back.  So, he put together his 2015 Salute to Cinema which not only highlights the obvious blockbusters and beloved indies but also the bombs and flops which also made up the year in film.  As per usual with this kind of video, it might make you whimsical, it might inspire you to rush out and rent/buy some movies, but, mostly, it will have you treating this like a game, working hard to name every single movie referenced in the video and keeping track of how many of them you’ve actually seen at this point.  I can’t be the only one who does that, right?  Come on – don’t leave me hanging here.  You do that too, don’t you?  What do you mean you don’t need to validate your own self-worth by racking up meaningless brownie points based on how much you know about movies?  What the hell does that mean?

[Awkward silence]

Anyway, Zuk include shots from 164 different movies in here.  To be honest, there are plenty of moments I did not recognize, but, even so, the video is remarkably well done, earning extra points for starting off with the Inside Out music.

Source: SlashFilm


Posted by Kelly Konda

Grew up obsessing over movies and TV shows. Worked in a video store. Minored in film at college because my college didn't offer a film major. Worked in academia for a while. Have been freelance writing and running this blog since 2013.


  1. Is it sad that I can put some scenes to movies without every having seen them? ie the shot of the world trade centre has to be from The Walk, The flying Ship from Peter Pan aso.


    1. If that’s sad then I’m right there with you because I probably guessed more shots from movies I haven’t seen than from the ones I have seen.


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