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Trailer: Sing Street Could Be the British Answer to School of Rock

I open this post with a reference to Kid Rock, of all people.

Years ago, during a Storytellers-esque interview when Kid Rock was asked how he got his start in music he admitted that it was simply the best way to meet/impress girls. Laughing to himself, he added that whenever he asks that same question of young guitar players or guys in bands they’ll initially take a “For the love of the music!” position before sheepishly rambling about that one girl they were so desperate to impress.

That’s the basic narrative thrust of Sing Street, the new film from the guy (John Carney) who made Once and Begin Again. Set in 1980s Dublin, Sing Street “follows 14-year-old Conor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo), who uses his musical inclinations to win over a girl, the gorgeous Raphina (Lucy Boynton).” There’s even a Game of Thrones actor (Aidan Gillen) around as one of the disapproving parents.

I am one of those people who was resistant to the charms of both Once and Begin Again, poisoned against them by the considerable hype. Then I actually watched them. Turns out the hype was spot-on, and they’re both remarkably lovely films. Sing Street will most likely be no different.  I like to think of it as an unofficial U2 biopic, e.g.,  the multi-instrumentalist Conor recruits looks just like The Edge.  However, years before making Once John Carney was a bassist for The Frames with Glen Hansard, and he’s actually from Dublin. This could be more about his own life than U2’s

Either way, Sing Street looks to charm Sundance Film Festival audiences (and buyers) from January 21 – 31st. Even if this somehow turns into the lesser of Carney’s films, after Once and Begin Again the music at least promises to be great.

Source: Collider


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