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5 Reactions to the New Captain America: Civil War Trailer

The new Captain America: Civil War just debuted, and everyone’s:

Andy-Dwyer-ShockWhile I’m:

Debbie DownerThat’s not actually true. I’m not Debbie Downering this whole trailer, just the ending. Maybe.

1. Did They Need to Spoil Spider-Man’s Appearance?

OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG you guys! It’s Spider-Man! Everyone’s favorite neighborhood, um, Spider-Man is officially in this movie, and he’s Tony Stark’s secret weapon in the Team Cap vs. Team Iron Man rumble.

Wait. The core audience for this movie already knew that. We’ve known Spider-Man was being added through re-shoots since last August. Casual audiences might have no idea about Sony and Marvel’s deal to share Spider-Man, though. This could be a shocking development for them just as it was for casual audiences who didn’t know Wonder Woman was in Batman v Superman until the surprise ending of the second trailer.

But wouldn’t it have been even more shocking if they had no idea about Spider-Man until they saw Civil War? Does this movie even need to use Spidey to sell more tickets?

Here’s what Forbes argued back in August:

If the fans (and general audiences) are really that excited about seeing a big screen Spider-Man rub elbows with Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie, and the rest of the gang, then how about we force them to wait until opening weekend to see what kind of Spider-Man exists in the MCU and how he plays with others?

Just as Warner Bros.Inc. mostly hid Anne Hathaway’s winning performance as Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises, and frankly just as Disney hid just how wonderful Mark Ruffalo was as Bruce Banner in the first Avengers film, so too can a (presumably) crowd pleasing Spider-Man performance (and associated action scenes) be the big buzzy treat that spurs word-of-mouth as a result of being kept under lock-and-key prior to release. But fans can’t tell their friends how awesome Spider-Man was if their friends already have a good idea of how Spidey’s scenes go from the marketing.

Perhaps Marvel feels the pressure to spoil Spider-Man’s appearance because Batman v Superman will beat it to the “heroes fight heroes in superhero movie” market by over a month. Still, the inclusion of Spider-Man seemingly overshadows the presence of Black Panther in the trailer, a character who actually needs far more of an introduction to audiences than Spider-Man.

2. The New Spider-Man Suit Is Hopefully Still a Work in Progress

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Tom Holland) Photo Credit: Film Frame © Marvel 2016Spider-Man swings in to take Captain America’s shield, and we’re supposed to pull a Jim Carrey in Batman Forever and shout “joygasm!” However, his costume is a throwback design with some new racing stripes on the boots and arms whereas the rest of the Avengers are all sporting modernizied looks. As such, it’s like a character from a different era of comic book history drops in on the modern Avengers to shout, “This is what we all used to look like in the 70s!”

Spidey70sOf course, that’s an unfair oversimplification. Plus, the Tom Holland Spider-Man couldn’t simply show up in Andrew Garfield’s fantastic Spider-Man suit. They had to change it, but they haven’t quite nailed it yet.

Then again, who cares? It’s Spider-Man! As Devin at BirthMoviesDeath argued:

As for Spidey’s costume: it’s a little Electric Company for my taste. It’s hard to follow up The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which had the perfect, ultimate Spidey costume, and I hope that adjustments happen between now and the new Spidey film. That said – he’s Spider-Man! They didn’t give him a weird outfit or anything. It’s just not the best iteration of the costume.

3. Iron-Man’s Side of the Story

Civil War TonyAll of the recent Batman v Superman TV spots are pretending this is simply a new Batman movie. However, the official trailers followed a logical progression: the first was about the favored fighter (Superman), the second was about the referee/villain (Lex Luthor) and the final one focused on the underdog (Batman).

If Civil War has a traditional villain it’s holding that close to the vest. Instead, the trailers are similarly dividing attention between the two names in the unofficial title card of this heavyweight bout: Captain America vs. Iron Man. The first trailer was the story of how Steve Rogers’ devotion to Bucky is going to cost him everything, and the second trailer is the story of how Iron Man wants to keep heroes in check and can’t agree with Cap’s position, not after the Winter Soldier tries to shoot him in the face and possibly murders War Machine. We see Tony Stark threatening and then being threatened back by Black Widow just as we see him in an empty prison he appears to have designed for the world’s supervillains and out of control heroes. He’s the one who calls forth Spider-Man just as he’s the one who refuses to end things peacefully with Cap, leading to this fantastic reprisal of “I could do this all day.”

4. Will Captain America Die?

CdNFAAzWIAEu2olBecause we know how this storyline ended in the comics there has been a huge question hanging over this movie since its announcement: will Captain America die?

Whether or not this movie will dare to kill off Steve Rogers remains to be seen. However, if it does what a nice way to tie Civil War into the larger Captain America trilogy by reprising Cap’s First Avengers mantra “I could this all day.” He said it to the WWII-era bullies who told him to stay down, and he said it again to Red Skull. Now he’s throwing it at Iron Man. Clearly, if this is to be his end he will go out fighting.

5. Was that Ant-Man Riding Hawkeye’s Arrow and Jumping Off Of It and Onto Iron Man’s Arm?

Ant-Man Iron ManYes. Yes it was, and it was awesome.

Captain America: Civil War brings all of its guaranteed awesomeness into our lives on May 6, 2016

Source: BirthMoviesDeath


  1. I was first taken aback by the costume, too, but it’s apparently youtube’s fault that the red looks so ugly. On the poster, it is way darker and the costume is way more textured (and upon the 20th or so viewing of the trailer I was getting used to the eyes).

    Concerning showing Spider-man: I would have been fine either way, but this is a great marketing move. WE know that Spider-man will be in this movie, but the general audience most likely didn’t. Just like they had to show off Wonder Woman, they had to show off him. As long as they don’t show him, I don’t know, changing sides or anything plot relevant, I am fine.

    I am kind of impressed. So far, they only have shown enough that we know what the issue is and who is on which side during this one battle. But otherwise…still have no idea what will happen in the movie. At least not from the trailers. Thanks to some loudmouths out there I already know at least two surprises they haven’t revealed in the trailers yet.

    1. My hunch is that if this was more like when Winter Soldier got to be the first comic book movie of 2014 they wouldn’t have revealed Spider-Man in the trailer. By being the first out of the gate, Winter Soldier got to steal Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Days of Future Past’s thunder, and didn’t have to give away too much in the trailers. However, Civil War is forced to follow Deadpool and Batman v Superman, and since it has several surface level similarities to BvS they had to do something to further differentiate their movie and spur conversation. It might even be for the better because those that didn’t already know about Sony and Marvel’s deal can find out before seeing Civil War and not be confused when Spider-Man shows up but doesn’t look like Andrew Garfield because those movies are dead.

      We’re all super close to all of this, but I know someone who saw the Deadpool trailer and turned to her boyfriend and asked, “I don’t get it. Is this another Spider-Man movie?” because of the similar costumes. That’s the type of person the Spider-Man moment was aimed at reaching since as excited as we are all about it they were already preaching to the choir. We were in the bag for this movie already. Didn’t need the extra push, but now they have us more excited about Civil War 2 weeks before Batman v Superman is due out. WB has no tricks left to turn the tide. Marvel just played their trump card, yet they’ve done it, as you pointed, without actually telling us a whole lot about this movie’s plot, unless we seriously believe War Machine dies. I don’t, but if he does die they clearly give away one pretty significant plot spoiler in the trailers.

      1. Oh, he might die…or be crippled…why not showing the scene in the trailer when he is the most obvious candidate to bite the bullet anyway (I honestly wouldn’t miss him at all). Now that we have seen it, nobody seriously expects him to be a goner. So in a way they didn’t give away anything.

        Marvel kind of had to show the trailer now. Next week onward, everyone will be focussed on Daredevil and Batman vs Superman. And waiting until after Batman vs Superman would be a bad move, because the movie will be shown in some countries at the end of april already. That would be way too late to start a proper marketing campaign. By showing it now, in the lull between Deadpool and Batman vs Superman, they got maximum attention.

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