The Great Daredevil Season 2 Binge Is Here, and I’m Reviewing Every Episode. Head Here to Keep Up with Them.

Daredevil’s second season definitely starts off with a bang. Obviously, the Punisher didn’t really kill Daredevil, but how exactly did Matt survive that point blank shot to the noggin? “Dogs to a Gunfight” has the answer, and it’s mostly that The Punisher has such good aim that he knew exactly where to shoot without killing Daredevil. It was just his version of a handshake, really. A cordial greeting from one vigilante to another. Scratch that. The Punisher does not shake people’s hands; he cuts them off.

Which One Is “Dogs to a Gunfight”?: Foggy rescues Matt and gives him a speech about leaving things to the authorities, which Matt possibly didn’t totally hear since his first encounter with the Punisher left him with a ringing in his ear. So he hangs out in his apartment alone for a day until his hearing comes back, getting up just long enough to flirt with Karen when she comes by to almost kiss him at his doorway. Then he has his mask fixed, what with it having a bullet hole in it now. Meanwhile, Foggy and Karen make a deal with the D.A.’s office for their client, but then that client is used as bait to attract the Punisher thus setting up Daredevil v. Punisher, Round Two. What a horrible time for that ringing to come back in Matt’s ears.

1. The Terminator Comparisons Are Really Mounting Here, Mr. Punisher

Doesn’t talk much? Check.

Wears functional, non-flashy clothes with a kickass coat? Check.

Calmly and methodically pursues his prey? Check.

Not above opening fire on his targets in public buildings? Check.

Goes into a store to buy guns and other items. Kills store owner before leaving? Check. Except the Terminator just shot the guy instead of paying. The Punisher’s weapon of choice is a baseball bat, and in that scenario it’s because the idiotic owner tried to sell him kiddie porn.

2. Lawyered!

Daredevil LawyeredTo some it was disappointing to see Daredevil season 1 gradually move away from Nelson & Murdock, Attorneys at Law. What’s with all these dang fight scenes? Give me more of Foggy and Matt using their true weapon in the fight against evil – their words. However, it’s tough going for lawyers building up their own law firm. Plus, as Better Call Saul reminded us not all legal shows have to feature endless court scenes. This isn’t Law & Order: Hell’s Kitchen, although if it was I’d watch the hell out of that. In fact, I bet you someone’s already made that parody video. Hold on. Let me look on YouTube.

Called it! Good job internet!

If Arrow and The Flash are any indication, it is a natural progression that shows centered around superhero vigilantes will eventually drop any pretense of that central hero having a day job. Outside of his recent mayoral campaign, Oliver Queen is Green Arrow all the time now. Barry Allen presumably still works as a CSI for Central City PD, not that we ever see it, and for his part Matt Murdock is almost always Daredevil except for those times he puts in the token appearance at the office.

Foggy doesn’t have that luxury. He’s the one who has to keep Nelson & Murdock together, and “Dogs to a Gunfight” featured him refusing to be pushed around by the D.A., standing his ground and lawyering her ass straight back to law school. Turns out, the D.A. has no power over witness protection, and can’t just waltz in and push a little law firm aside. Is that true? No idea. But Elden Henson sold Foggy’s conviction on that point beautifully.

So far, Foggy has been well-served by these early episodes.

3. Does Matt Sound Like an Abused Spouse?

When Karen comes to see Matt, she rejects his assurance that everything is fine, noting that she’s not stupid. She knows he’s blind, but she also knows she can no longer believe his excuses that his periodic bruises and scrapes are due to him running into walls or falling down stairs. So Matt’s methods for explaining away the tell-tale signs of his vigilantism are the same basic lies told by victims of spousal abuse?

This is obviously an important scenes as it furthers the Matt/Karen sexual tension and introduces the self-reflection the entire team will have to undergo as they grapple with whether or not they’re in some way responsible for creating the Punisher. Still, I never realized his excuses were taken from the spousal abuse handbook.

4. Daredevil & Water

As soon as Daredevil and Punisher began their fight with water pouring down on them from above I flashed to this:

daredevil-fights-kingpinIsn’t water like Daredevil’s secret weapon? It’s how he’s able to see the face of the woman he kisses or of the person he’s hitting (hopefully those aren’t one in the same). As such, I thought the Punisher was screwed.

The water played no role in the fight. I was wrong. Daredevil lost. Again.

5. Those Cops Are the Worst Shots Ever

Daredevil and Punisher are fighting while sharpshooters are taking aim at them, and all that comes of it is one stray shot to Punisher’s arm. That’s it?

On to the next episode: “New York’s Finest”


Posted by Kelly Konda

Grew up obsessing over movies and TV shows. Worked in a video store. Minored in film at college because my college didn't offer a film major. Worked in academia for a while. Have been freelance writing and running this blog since 2013.


  1. VIC NOTO plays “Dog Of Hell” in this episode of daredevil:”Dogs To A Gunfight”. Once again,VIC NOTO an actual man in todays society of sissies,brings not only a scary character but highly amusing as well. he steals the episode.


    1. Got to be honest: I had no idea who Vic Noto was when I read your comment. Just looked him up on IMDB. His Trivia reads: “Vic has been a Motorcyclist for many years as well as a body builder and certified Scuba Diver. An excellent Swimmer with an Armed Forces Advanced Survival Swimming Certification. Vic has been a certified Lifeguard and has held AAU records for Breaststroke and competitive Diving in NYC. He also studied Uechi-Ryu Karate,and competed in several tournaments. He has a hatred of Guns and feels them to have derived from Cowardice.” His father also apparently a decorated WWII hero and actor. Huh.


  2. In the cops’ defense, I think they, at least, were trying not to hit Daredevil instead of Punisher, and as both of them were moving quickly and without perfectly clear line of sight between them and their target… well, I cut them some slack.


  3. This is a DISGUSTING World/Business. Had VIC NOTO been born 30 years earlier,he would have fit in just fine and no doubt a Star of “Hollywood B Movies” and a great career in mainstream Blockbusters.He’s a MAN in a SISSY world of BORING with NO Life experience people. Take a look at his Reels on Youtube:VIC NOTO and compare him with the likes of Robert Mitchum,Kirk Douglas,Lee marvin etc etc etc.


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