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About the Zendaya Race-Switching: This is a Thing We Still Argue About?


Famous character. Traditionally white. Now made black. Controversy ensues.

It’s a tale as old as a couple of years ago, but the inevitable backlash has become so nauseatingly predictable. This time around, the race-switched character is Mary Jane Watson. According to TheWrap, Marvel Studios has been lying to us. Zendaya, who is half black, half white, is not playing some new character named “Michelle” in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but instead Mary Jane. This was supposed to be a surprise reveal for the film’s ending when she tells Peter she’d prefer to be called “MJ” from now on. They might have to rethink that now.

Zendaya earlier in her career

So, really, this story hits two recurring themes in pop culture as of late, namely that when you race-switch a famous character it won’t be a universally beloved decision at first (well duh) and that the moment you try to get a little too precious with a big character reveal in a well-known franchise film is the moment someone in the media reminds you that this is 2016 and the internet is kind of a big thing in case you’d forgotten. To put it another way, it’s best to lean into these things rather than hold back, at least from a marketing perspective.

“Oh my God! I cannot keep having this same fight over and over again!”

The Race Thing

I’m an 18-to-34-year-old straight white male. Pop culture has been catered to me for pretty much my entire life. Am I seriously going to complain that yet another traditionally white character has been race-switched? Hell no. Sure, the news gave me momentary pause simply because my mind was immediately flooded with memories of a clearly white-skinned, red-haired Mary Jane from the comics and films, but then I got over it.

CandicePatton Iris WestFor literally decades, Iris West, the Lois Lane to Barry Allen’s Superman in The Flash comics, was a red-haired white woman. Now, thanks to The Flash TV series and Candice Patton’s increasingly wonderful performance I think of her differently. Now it’s actually weird for me to open up a comic book to see a version of Iris that doesn’t look like Candice Patton. And the upcoming solo film is following the show’s lead, with Rick Famuyiwa recently casting Kiersey Clemons, daughter to a black father and white mother, to play Iris West opposite Ezra Miller.

Maybe that’s what it will be like for people with Mary Jane now. After Spider-Man: Homecoming, younger fans might find it weird to see an MJ who doesn’t look like Zendaya. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

But what about that little freckle-faced, red-haired girl who always had MJ to look up to? Or Iris West to admire? With so few prominent gingers, why must such a prominent one like MJ  be taken away from them?

Oh, that’s actually a fair point, but you do realize the red-haired MJ from the comics, earlier films and various TV shows, including that one currently running on DisneyXD, still exist, right?

The Surprise Reveal Thing

Star-Trek-Into-Darkness-KhanShort response: Fuck you, internet. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Longer response: The backstory here is MJ’s reveal in the comics was itself a surprise reveal. The character’s face was obstructed or covered for multiple issues before readers finally laid eyes on her and admired her obvious self-confidence as she told Peter, “Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot.”

It appears as if Homecoming was aiming to honor that history, at least in spirit, by holding back on MJ’s true identity until the finale. In the footage exclusively shown at San Diego Comic-Con, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker was seen bantering with Zendaya’s Michelle, one of his best friends, not looking particularly glamorous or MJ-like. It was all very teen movie/John Hughes, with Peter being hung up on the super popular girl in school, Liz Allen (another traditionally white character being played by a black actress, Laura Harrier), even though the girl of his dreams, Michelle, is clearly right in front of him. As BirthMoviesDeath argued, if Michelle truly is MJ the Homecoming might build to one of those uncomfortable teen movie moments of the girl going through a makeover and emerging with her new look at the climactic homecoming dance referenced in the title.

Or maybe the makeover will be this simple:

Just take her glasses off. Voila, instant heartbreaker. From: Not Another Teen Movie.

Well, that all sounds fairly horrible, yet entirely in keeping with the John Hughes model they’ve so often cited as the film’s inspiration.

However, I dig the idea of holding back her true identity as a way of letting us fall in love with her character (or not) in the film without bringing any extra “Well, that’s not my Mary Jane” baggage with us. If Zendaya deliver’s a killer performance imagine the applause which could have erupted from early screenings when she finally revealed her true comic book lineage, owning the line “Actually, call me MJ” in the way Mary Jane would like a total boss. Or maybe people would have booed. I don’t know. We’re about to elect Donald Trump. The whole word is upside down right now. At least they could have judged her on her own merit.

Yeah, for maybe one night. From the Thursday night previews to the close of Sunday on opening weekend, the word would have spread online, and everyone from that point forward would have gone in knowing she was secretly MJ.

Oh, yeah.

Plus….blah, blah, blah….Benedict Cumberbatch as “John Harrison”….blah, blah, blah….Christoph Waltz as whatever his fake name was before the “Blofeld” reveal….blah, blah, blah.

Did I mention I’m kind of over having these same arguments over and over again? Rachel Green gets it:

enhanced-14284-1420245561-2Source: BirthMoviesDeath


  1. I don’t think that this is the actual story here. The actual question is why this “news” is discussed as “fact” all over the internet. This character was called Michelle after the casting, the actress was introduced as Michelle at Comic Con, the actress itself describe the character as “shy and mousy” and another actress from said cast confirmed that MJ isn’t in the movie at all. And yet one guy has to go and say “this is MJ” and everyone believes him. Mind you, this is the same guy who claimed that Asa would play Spider-man (nope), that Chris Pine was cast as Green Lantern (nope, his role is Steve Trevors), and who more or less accused James Gunn last winter of lying when he debunked his “scoop” of who Star Lord’s father is – we now know that James Gunn didn’t lie at all since Marvel decided that it would be impossible to keep this secret and revealed the truth at comic con. So if they decide to announce a twist like this (one which sounds really awful), why should they try and keep Mary Jane Watson under wraps?

    Otherwise, I don’t think that the whole discussion is a race issue at all, at least not to the degree some people make it out to be. It happens all the time that the internet gets nuts over a casting. Sometimes it is right, sometimes it is wrong (most famously about Heath Ledger playing the Joker). And with characters who have been around as long as Mary Jane is, people are simply attached to the way they look. They can turn Iris West into whatever they want because I honestly don’t care what she looks like, but Mary Jane’s red hair is iconic. I never got over the fact that Harry Potter doesn’t have green eyes in the movies, I don’t accept the last four James Bond movies as part of canon because neither the actor nor the tone is James Bond like imho, and while I can’t imagine anyone but RDJ playing Iron Man, I still feel he was an awful Sherlock Holmes simply because he is too stocky. Honestly, I want to see what would happen if they present the audience with a blond Superman, or a Danny DeVito as Batman. There are a number of characters in the MCU which don’t have a specific look in the eyes of the main stream audience, there is no need to go after those characters who are too highly prolific that a change would be take lightly.

    But in this case I am actually way more bothered about the notion that MJ is in the movie at all. I don’t want to see either her or Gwen anytime soon. I certainly don’t want Peter to have a high school romance which becomes the love of his life this time around, I want him to grow up, date different girls and then in college finally meet MJ. Nothing made me as happy as seeing the cast list and not reading any names on it which indicates that Marvel is rushing things. So…can’t we keep it that way?

    1. I actually meant so say that the notion of suddenly revealing that a character who has been in the movie is actually another character sounds awful….the identity of Star Lord’s father sounds really creative.

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