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Arnim Zola was originally supposed to be in Ant-Man, specifically as a high-ranking member of SHIELD during the opening monologue when CGI Michael Douglas got all pissy with those rat bastards who were trying to steal his suit. At one point during the scripting stage, a younger Alexander Pierce (aka, the non-Winter Soldier villain of Winter Soldier) was also meant to be there.

Marvel is holding back on unveiling its Phase 4 titles because they wisely realize there wouldn’t be much tension in Avengers: Infinity War if we already know which Avengers have additional movies lined up. Good for them. This certainly takes one common criticism away from their detractors. So, if Cap, Iron Man or anyone else dies in Infinity we’ll be genuinely surprised. Of course, they’ve already spoiled one thing, namely that Ant-Man’s probably not dying, what with Ant-Man and the Wasp due out mere months after Infinity War.

Zendaya, talking to THR, on whether or not she’s playing a new version of Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man: Homecoming: “You’ll find out. It’s funny to watch the guessing game.” Also, Zendaya is already a published author (Between U and Me: How to Rock Your Tween Years With Style and Confidence) and recording artist. So, yeah, your teenage years were almost certainly less productive than her’s. Then again, she is a Disney TV star. Once you get sucked in that star machine you’re inevitably going to put normal teens to shame (he tells himself to keep from feeling so envious and unworthy).

Christopher Lloyd will be on The Big Bang Theory on Dec. 1. No idea who he’s playing, but I like to think he’s simply reprising his role as Doc Brown and we’ll see him yell at Leonard and Penny, “Something’s gotta be done about your kids!”

Looks like that Painkiller Jane movie is a thing again. I wrote about this years ago when it was meant to be directed the Soska sisters and on track to come out before Wonder Woman. That obviously didn’t happen, and as best I can tell the Soska sisters are no longer attached. Jessica Chastain is, though, signing on to not only produce but also star as the titular character, who is kind of like Deadpool crossed with Jessica Jones.

Cartoon Networks’ forthcoming new animated series Justice League Action doesn’t appear to be quite the return to the glory days of Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, at least not as much as some had hoped. On the plus side, Young Justice is coming back, and Teen Titans Go! continues to operate as if no one is paying attention thus freeing them up to do some crazy shit, like entire episodes about the burden of student loans, teaching kids the importance of a diversified financial portfolio and the do’s and do-nots of property investment and Sealab-esque recreations/mockeries of old Teen Titans episodes. Plus, the Titans still dance a lot, and the writers still work in the occasional pop culture parody which fly right over kids heads (e.g., one recent episode sent up Saved By the Bell).


Robert Redford is retiring from acting. Hail hydra! Hold your horses (or tentacles?). He’s not retiring right away, just some time in the near future.

Tom Rothman’s relatively brief tenure as Sony Pictures President has already resulted in an open employee revolt, one which longtime industry reporters says has no real precedent even with all the crazy things which have happened behind the scenes at film studios over the decades. Yet Rothman’s bosses are all publicly backing him, viewing the revolt as confirmation that the combative President’s more hands-on, frugal policies are working in weeding out those who aren’t fit to help make Sony great again. In other word, Sony is a microcosm of America right now.

IMDB is deadly serious about maintaining their right to post the age of any actor they damn well please, regardless of whether or not said actor approves. So, they’re suing the state of California to let them go back to doing that…is how you might think of this if you simply read the headlines. In truth, what’s happening here is IMDB feels it is unfairly being targeted by a recently passed State Assembly Bill which was worded in such a way it could only actually apply to IMDB Pro, the site’s subscription arm. Why should IMDB Pro be forced to remove factual information from its site upon request by actors when said information is freely available everywhere else on the internet, specifically through Wikipedia and search engines, or so IMDB argued in a 15-page complaint filed in U.S. District Court.

Some film producers just want to make movies while also making a bit of money while they’re at it. Others just want to be walking, talking cliches who live like douchebag Hollywood assholes off of money they’re supposed to be spending on their films. Apparently, David Bergstein, responsible for long-since-forgotten 2004 rom-com Laws of Attraction, belongs in te latter category and was thus recently arrested as part of a $26m fraud case.


New International trailer for Rogue One has more Darth Vader footage:

The Arrowverse 4-way crossover looks fun:

HBO made a documentary about Slenderman because that internet meme stopped being funny the moment two 12-year-old girls tried to kill someone because of Slenderman-related paranoia.

The end


  1. Okay, I’m thoroughly incapable of getting over them asking of AntMan. Who thought that was a good idea to greenlight? Nobody on Earth was asking for yet another superhero movie with a white male lead. We wanted Black Widow and instead we got AntMan? Antman?

    I don’t think I’m ever getting over that, even if I liked the guy in Captain America 3.

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