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What If John Wick Had Been the One to Die, Not the Dog?

To help promote John Wick 2, LionsGate commissioned an official parody video from the RocketJump people over at YouTube. What they came up with is an alternate version of John Wick in which John died, his dog lived and much adorable mayhem ensued, suggesting a scary future in which our taciturn action heroes can be played by dogs and we’ll barely notice the difference. So, if you want to see what a gun fu action sequence would look like with a dog running around with a gun in its mouth then start watching the video below:

John Wick 2 opens this Friday.


  1. I really enjoy RocketJump. I used to watch their TV series on SBS On Demand where they show their process from writing to final product.

    This video is great.

    1. I’ve seen that show, too. It’s on Hulu here. I tried to show it to my YouTube-worshipping nephew to illustrate just how much truly goes into making these little videos, how people at RocketJump and elsewhere have their own little mini-studios devoted to this stuff. He left to go play Minecraft halfway through and talk while playing it like a YouTuber would. Kids these days, I tell ya’.

      1. There dedication and ingenuity always makes me think of the early work of Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi.

        It also reminds me of the Ramones in that their work always was short and usually hit their mark on the kernel of comedic genius.

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