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Wow! Have You Heard How Much Despicable Me 2 Made In Its First Week on Home Video?

Back in July, when I reviewed Despicable Me 2 I concluded: “The first Despicable Me was the movie you could watch with your kid(s) and secretly like a little more than them, or maybe even watch and […]

UPDATED: Is X-Men: Apocalypse & Possible Future X-Men/Fantastic Four Cross-Overs a Good Idea?

UPDATED: 12/9/2013-According to an exclusive report on Vulture, it has now been confirmed that Bryan Singer will direct X-Men: Apocalypse.  Moreover, “Apocalypse will be a direct sequel set up in Days of Future Past‘s closing moments, the new […]

How Impressed Should We Be That “Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor” Grossed $4.7 Million in U.S./$10.2 Million Globally?

UPDATED: 11/27/13-According to The Hollywood Reporter, from Saturday to Monday Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor grossed $10.2 million from its worldwide screenings.  This includes the $4.7 million from the Monday screenings in the United […]

The Top 10 Box Office Bombs of All Time, But How Do We Know What Constitutes a Bomb?

If I were to tell you that two of the films released this past summer are now among the top 10 biggest box office bombs of all time, what would you say? A yawn with […]

The MPAA’s Crackdown on Internet Piracy Has Improved Film Revenue. Or Made It Worse. It’s All Very Complicated

At the beginning of this decade, it sure as hell seemed as if the new normal was simply going to be that if one so desired to they could find pirated copies of films and […]

Holy Role Reversal! China’s Owed Hollywood $150 Million Box Office Gross Since 2012 & Only Just Now Agreed to Pay

By some projections, China will be the leading marketplace for films within 5 years, after having grossed $2.75 billion in box office gross last year in comparison to the United States and Canada’s $10.83 billion. […]

What Man of Steel’s Super Box Office Means: Franchise Revived, Sequel Greenlit, Justice League Alive

Man of Steel?  More like Man of Gold!  Am I right?  But, no, seriously people, Man of Steel just made a lot of money.  However, being a modern film lover means not taking the studios at […]

Declining to Boldy Go Into The Darkness: Making Sense of Star Trek’s Under-Performing Box Office

Damnit Jim, you sunk my battleship! Last year, at this time Universal’s Battleship, the film adaptation of the Hasbro board game, opened to a colossal thud with an opening weekend gross of $25.5 million for […]

Iron Man 3’s Insane Box Office Figures: It’s Already Made More Than Captain America & Thor

Tony Stark recently lost his gorgeous, oceanside Malibu home, and something like that is not going to be cheap to replace or re-build.  Well, not that he was short on money before but a Malibu […]

Les Misérables’ Beaucoup Box Office Dollars: It’s Better Than You Might Think

UPDATED: 3/5/2013-Box office figures have been updated and a more thorough explanation of the historical context has been added. Due to hit home video remarkably early (3/22), Les Miserables’ days in our houses of cinema in the United […]