Arrow E.P.: Season 2 to be Oliver’s Transition from “The Hood” to Green Arrow

This is kind of old news at this point, but last Tuesday ComicBookResources put up a video interview with Arrow executive producer/writer Marc Guggenheim in which he reflected on season 1 of the show and looked […]

Despicable Me 2 Soars While The Lone Ranger Crashes in Historic Box Office Weekend

To see older or more recent box office top 10 breakdowns please go here. With the end of another weekend comes another batch of reports about how films-both new and old-fared at the box office.  This […]

What We Learned from the 10 Biggest Box Office Bombs Since 2003

From a certain point of view, things have been incredibly rosy at the domestic and worldwide box office all Summer.  There have been several hits, big (Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, Fast & Furious […]

Celebrity Voice Acting Roles Which Were Re-Cast During the Production of Famous Animated Films

Tom Selleck was the original Indiana Jones, Eric Stoltz the original Marty McFly, and Lance Henriksen the original Terminator.  These are among the many well-known examples of famous roles which were re-cast during the production […]

Comparing 19 Remarkably Similar Pairs of Movies That Were Released Within 1 Year of Each Other

Sometimes a story idea is so great it has to be told twice.  Other times the story barely warrants a single telling let alone two.  Unfortunately, Hollywood usually can’t tell the difference resulting in the […]

The Heat Hits, White House Goes Down, World War Z Steady & Other Box Office Observations

To see older or more recent box office top 10 breakdowns please go here. This week, at the domestic box office Pixar, Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, and Brad Pitt all did very well whereas Jamie Foxx […]

UPDATED: Amazing Spider-Man 2 Rumors and Facts: A Major Character Death, Another Dropped Entirely & Too Many Villains

To check out any of our other coverage of The Amazing Spider-Man and its related sequels, please go here. UPDATE: 12/10/2013 – When asked about The Amazing Spider-Man 4 in an interview with Yahoo Andrew Garfield responded, “I […]

I LOVE That Episode: The X-Files’ “Paper Hearts”

Sometimes a specific episode of a television show comes along and causes us to sit back in satisfied awe at the wonder we have witnessed.  These are the episodes we refer to as classic without […]

With Sony’s Purchasing Powers Combined – They Might Make a Captain Planet Movie

There are certain TV shows I used to watch as a kid that I look back on now and wonder, “Did that really happen, or did I just make that up?” Was there really a […]

Nitpicking Man of Steel: 4 Things We Liked & 4 Things We Didn’t

At the conclusion of the midnight showing of Man of Steel I attended, around half the crowd erupted into standing applause while the other half quickly queued for the exits appearing to collectively prepare their “It was […]