Review: The Heat Is The Funniest Film of the Summer

THE PLOT Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) is a skilled FBI investigator in New York who can dance figurative circles around her colleagues at a drug bust while failing to notice that none of them want […]

Glad Dan Harmon Is Back On Community? Thank Joel McHale. A New Interview Gives All the Details

When Community creator and show runner Dan Harmon confirmed via Twitter last month that he was returning to the show one year after being fired from it he added “You can thank @joelmchale.”  What on […]

Top 10 Whose Line is it Anyway? Clips

I loved the originally-British, eventually Drew Carey-hosted, improv-extravaganza that was Whose Line is it Anyway?. From the lanky expressiveness of human-cartoon hybrid, Ryan Stiles to the “I don’t know what I’m doing. No, really, I’m […]

See Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan in Her New American Show: NTSF:SD:SUV

Karen Gillan has joined the cast of an American television show.  Huzzah!  It’s a show which airs past-midnight and though very funny is seen by very few.  Well….it’s a good start. Historically, any Doctor Who […]

Damon Wayans, Jr. Is Returning to New Girl as Coach, a.k.a. the Character We All Forgot Was in the Pilot

UPDATE 11/9/2013: They must like what they’ve been seeing so far from Wayans, Jr.  After his first episode of the season aired this past week, news broke that he will stick around for the rest […]

Get Ready To Re-Set Your DVR – Fox’s American Dad is Moving to TBS in 2014

TBS has done it again.  They saved Cougar Town from cancellation.  Now, they’ve done it with one of Fox’s animated sitcoms.  Wait, what?  They’re saving one of the seriously long in the tooth Fox cartoons, […]

Trailer Watch: Kristin Wiig Struggles with Eccentric Mom & Fancies Darren Criss in ‘Girl Most Likely’

Had Kristin Wiig been so inclined it seems likely that we’d be talking about Bridesmaids 2 right now instead of The Heat.  After Bridesmaids proved that women can get diarrhea too and made a stunning $288 […]

Box Office Decoded: Sandler Does Well, Pacific Rim Does Not, Those Despicable Me Minions Still Rule

To see older or more recent box office top 10 breakdowns please go here. With the end of another weekend comes another batch of reports about how films-both new and old-fared at the box office.  This […]

18 Actors Who Died During the Production of Live-Action American TV Shows

It’s more than a day later, and it still doesn’t quite feel real that Cory Monteith is dead. Such things are certainly tragedies. However, there is also a practical implication as well: what becomes of […]

UPDATED: Cory Monteith, Who Played Finn Hudson on Glee, is Dead: R.I.P. 1982-2013

UPDATE 7/16: The autopsy has revealed that Monteith died from a “mixed drug toxicity that involved heroin, primarily, and also alcohol.” What?  This can’t be true – Cory Monteith can’t really be dead, right?  Surely, this […]