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The Academy is Adding a Popular Film Category to the Oscars, Capping a Decade of Failed Attempts at Mass Appeal

The Academy has been trying to fix a problem with the increasingly ratings-challenged Oscars telecast for a decade. Their latest attempt at a solution – a Popular Film category – is, well, it’s not great. […]

What Nominating Hereditary & A Quiet Place Would Mean for the Oscars

Last week, the PR firm which represents Emily Blunt and John Krasinski sent entertainment journalists a free DVD copy of A Quiet Place along with a gentle reminder: don’t forget about us come Oscar time. […]

What Do You Think Shape of Water’s Best Picture Win Means to Disney and Bob Iger?

Two business podcasts. Two different answers to the same question: What do you think Shape of Water’s Best Picture win meant to Disney CEO Bob Iger? He is, after all, the guy in the process […]

Cinematic Blindspot: Now I See Why Aaron Sorkin Adores Network (1976)

There are some truly classic movies I’ve never seen before. This year, I’m going to start chipping away at that list by finally checking in on some of my cinematic blind spots. First up: 1976’s […]

Oscars 2018 Reaction

Last year, at the end of the Oscars the crowd was left practically speechless over the insane upset they’d just witnessed and how exactly it had gone down. The excitement was palpable. This year, well, […]

Why The Academy Switched to a Preferential Ballot for Best Picture

Predicting the Oscars calls upon our math skills. Go full Nate Silver on it and use a formula based on the predictive power of pre-cursors wins and nominations at the various guild awards (SAG, PGA, […]

2018 Oscar Predictions: Will Win vs. Should Win

The Oscars aren’t what they used to be. The ratings have been in a freefall for years. The box office impact of an Oscar win is seriously diminished. And the steady rise of other televised […]

2018 Oscars: The Nominees, Snubs & Shoulda Been Contenders

The circle of life in Hollywood is playing out before us at this very moment. The Academy just announced its Oscar nominations, delivering the usual helping of surprises (Phantom Thread for Best Picture!) and “yeah, […]

My Predictions for the 2018 Oscar Nominations

Every year right before the Oscar nominations come out we all think we know exactly what to expect. Simply look at the Golden Globes as well as the Directors, Producers, Screen Actors, and Writers Guilds […]

Rachel Morrison & Mudbound Might Make Oscar History Next Week

Two years ago, Creed’s Maryse Alberti was on the shortlist of potential nominees for the Academy Award for Best Cinematography. Twas not to be. The Academy went with Carol, Hateful Eight, Mad Max: Fury Road, […]