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Film Review: Darkest Hour Is Pure Oscar Bait That Also Happens to Be Remarkably Thrilling

On the heels of Christopher Nolan’s incredibly unconventional Dunkirk comes Darkest Hour, Joe Wright’s decidedly conventional take on the same story, just from Winston Churchill’s point of view instead of the soldiers’. It’s May, 1940. […]

Dunkirk Review – The Waiting is the Hardest Part

I don’t know how to write about Dunkirk. I don’t remember any of the characters’ names, that is if I ever even caught their name to begin with. In fact, I actually struggled to tell […]

How Many Indie Film Pioneers Are Still Making Movies?

This past week brought two events which furthered the brain drain away from film and over to TV. On Tuesday, 70-year-old David Lynch made a surprise appearance during Showtime’s presentation at the Television Critics Association […]

Christopher Nolan’s New Movie & How We Discuss Something We Know Nothing About

Christopher Nolan’s next movie will come out on July 21, 2017, as per Variety and THR.  That’s all we know.  I bet it’ll be pretty good.  Insert pithy remark about hoping the sound mix will […]

The Director’s Dilmma: Stick With Indies or Leap to Summer Blockbusters?

It’s happened again. An indie director with little feature-length film experience has been given the keys to a big budget movie. To some, it’s a case of “Another one bites the dust.” To others, it’s […]

A Timeline of George Miller’s Justice League: Mortal & What It Tells Us About WB’s Justice League Struggles

Once upon a time, high profile comic book movies which ultimately didn’t get made were mostly relegated to footnotes on Wikipedia pages, deep dive retrospectives, and chapters in books like Tales from Development Hell and […]

Interstellar’s Ending Could Have Been Slightly Different, Not Necessarily Better

Some people thought Interstellar‘s ending was confusing.  I personally thought it came off like a Steven Moffat-penned Doctor Who episode, and as a big Doctor Who fan I was more or less prepared for that […]

Chinese Robots? – The Version of Interstellar Jonathan Nolan & Steven Spielberg Were Going to Make

If you know the back story behind the new divisive space opus Interstellar you could easily assume all the schmaltzy stuff came from when it was going to be a Steven Spielberg film and all […]

18 Outrageous Facts About Batman Begins, In Their Own Words

In honor of today’s release of Christopher Nolan’s already-divisive Interstellar, here’s a look back at 18 outrageous facts about Batman Begins. It wasn’t the first film Christopher Nolan made, but for many it was the […]

What the Hell IS This Show? – A Reaction To Gotham’s “Selina Kyle” and “Balloonman” Episodes

In the end, it was the “Oy” that did it.  That was the moment in this week’s episode (“Balloonman”) of Gotham that caused me to throw my hands in the air in disbelief and wonder […]