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Jake Gyllenhaal Creeps Through the Eerie Nightcrawler

Jake Gyllenhaal has large eyes. I know that’s not a particularly deep criticism, but it’s the one thought that kept flittering through  my mind when I watched Nightcrawler, a film that functions as though Network, […]

U.S. Theater Owners Officially Enact Guidelines to Limit Film Marketing Lead Time & Trailer Length

Last month, Harris Interactive released results of a poll which revealed, among others things, that Americans regard concession prices (62%) and rude moviegoers (56%) as being the two worst parts of seeing a movie in a […]

Frozen Will Melt Your Heart

Ever since Pixar creative head John Lassiter assumed control of Disney’s animation department, Disney has entered into an animation renaissance that is approaching the quality of its Little Mermaid through Lion King era of animation. […]

6 Blu-rays that Show How Amazing Your Blu-ray Player Can Be

We’ve all heard about the glory of HD, 1080p television. The way you can see a film better that you ever thought possible. The glory of home programming is so appealing, it’s frequently blamed for […]

The World’s End: Not with a Whimper but with a Bang

They say you never have friends like the ones you have when you’re a teenager. It’s not difficult to understand why. We’re at our most optimistic and potential-filled when we’re young. There’s a reckless abandon […]

Dario Argento’s Dracula 3D Gets a US Release Date: Soon We’ll Get a Chance to See the Mediocrity First Hand

Once upon a time, there was a genre of horror films called gialli. Hailing from Italy and named after the yellow paper upon which their literary precursors were printed, they blended mystery and gruesome horror […]

Play the Music and Light the Lights: It’s Time to Meet the Muppets Most Wanted Teaser

When it comes to the world of Jim Henson’s Muppets, there are two camps: those who love the fresh, anarchic world the Muppets embody and those who’s gnarled, warped souls prevent them from recognizing how […]

Behold The Conjuring: Look upon its Works and Shiver in Horror

It’s easy to denigrate the horror genre. The films are clichéd, cheap to produce, and they appeal to our most basic instincts. It’s also easy to assume it takes no skill to scare an audience. […]

Much Ado about Joss Whedon’s Delightful Much Ado About Nothing

There’s an obvious reason Shakespeare’s plays never stray far from popular culture (beyond their conveniently lapsed copyright statuses), and that is the way Shakespeare wrote his characters. His characters, despite their utterances of “thou,” “thee,” […]

Words Thrill and Scorch in the Brilliant Before Midnight

Reviewer’s note: I’ve worked very hard to avoid revealing any specific plot points beyond the film’s opening scenes, because I think the film’s dialogue works best when heard without familiarity. Early on in Richard Linklater’s brilliant, funny, lacerating […]