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Box Office: Can Logan Avoid the X-Men Franchise’s Notorious Second Weekend Curse?

After X-Men: Apocalypse‘s opening weekend I put together a piece detailing the X-Men franchise’s long history with big second weekend drops. Below is an updated version of that same article which now reflect Apocalypse‘s final numbers and […]

Film Review: Split Isn’t Particularly Scary, But It Doesn’t Have to Be

This review does not give away Split’s big twist, though the simple act of acknowledging there is a twist at the end could be considered a spoiler in and of itself in which case I […]

7 Things to Do to Amuse Yourself While Watching Why Him?

There’s no point in reviewing Why Him?. Have you seen the trailer? Congratulations. You’ve pretty much seen the movie, and already know whether its style of comedy is right for you. Have you seen the […]

Film Review: Office Christmas Party Is Yet Another “Passable” Comedy

I saw Office Christmas Party three days ago, and I remember it less and less with each passing hour. I want to say TJ Miller, Jason Bateman and Olivia Munn throw a lavish Christmas party […]

So, Is $155 Million a Good Opening Weekend?: Putting Rogue One’s Box Office in Context

There was never any question of whether or not Rogue One: A Star Wars Story would make a lot of money. Instead, it’s always been a question of exactly how much money it would make, […]

On Star Wars, Rogue One and Politics

When Disney paid a gajillion bajillion dollars (I’ll have to check on those numbers later, but they sound right) to pry LucasFilms away from George Lucas they weren’t buying something which would court controversy or […]

My Thoughts on WB Moving Foward on a Gotham City Sirens Movie

It has now been 48 hours since The Hollywood Reporter revealed Warner Bros. is officially moving forward on the long-rumored Harley Quinn team-up movie. Contrary to earlier rumors, the source material will not be Birds […]

Looking Forward to the Inevitable Movie About Macedonian Teens Living the American Dream Thanks to Fake News

Right here, right now, watching the world turn into a movie. With all due respect to Jesus Jones, that’s what being alive in the here and now is beginning to feel like. A former reality […]

Arrow’s 101st Episode (“What We Leave Behind”) Was Pretty Good Too

A lot happened in Arrow’s mid-season finale “What We Leave Behind,” some of it good, some of it more WTF than anything else. It concludes a run of 9 episodes which ushered in a stunning […]

Review: Thirteen Days Is an Especially Scary Movie to Watch These Days

Thirteen Days, director Roger Donaldson’s gripping peek inside the White House during the Cuban Missile Crisis, is a gift to high school history teachers everywhere. Just pop it in the ole DVD player (if your […]