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My Favorite TV Shows of 2018, So Far

In the time it’s taken me to write this article I’ve missed the chance to start Picnic on Hanging Rang, get caught up on 12 Monkeys, finally get around to Luke Cage, or maybe give […]

The Check-In: How Are You Feeling About Netflix’s Original Movies Now?

Thanks to Netflix, 2018 is the first time HBO hasn’t had the most Emmy nominations in nearly two decades. However, those nominations went almost exclusively to Netflix’s various TV shows, limited or otherwise. What about […]

AT&T To HBO: Be More Like Netflix; HBO to AT&T: Yes, Sir. Whatever You Want, Sir.

There is something so contemptible about being told by someone who knows nothing about your industry that you need to do better. However, this has been the general reality in Hollywood for the last half […]

Netflix Review: Cargo Finds a New Way to Tell a Zombie Story

Take Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Add a touch of Logan. Mix it together with the French-Canadian art-house zombie horror of The Ravenous. Drop Martin Freeman into the middle of it. That’s how you get Cargo, […]

Netflix Review: Calibre Wrings Exquisite Tension Out of a Remarkably Simple Premise

Not to be too precious about this, but if you are thinking about watching the new Netflix Movie Calibre whatever you do don’t watch the trailer. It gives the whole film away. In the below […]

Netflix Review: GLOW Delivers a Practically Flawless Second Season

Last year, I argued GLOW’s first season was good but flawed, and that season 2 would probably be a lot better. Turns out, it’s an even bigger improvement than I expected. Like so many others […]

What Will Become of Indie Theaters in the MoviePass vs. AMC War?

First, there was MoviePass. Then, there was Sinemia. Now there’s AMC’s Stubbs A-List. Pretty soon, the Alamo Drafthouse will possibly have a subscription service of its own. The movie theater economy is changing in a […]

Netflix Review: They Don’t Make Movies Like Kodachrome Anymore, But Maybe There’s a Good Reason for That

A beaten down record company A&R man makes one last stand. As his admiring love interest and sickly father look on, he faces down the band he absolutely must sign to keep his job. “You’re […]

Review: I Feel Pretty, Netflix’s I Am Not An Easy Man & The High Concept Rom-Com

A knock on the noggin is all it takes to send the protagonists of I Feel Pretty and Netflix’s I Am No Easy Man into a fantasy world of skewed beauty standards and gender role […]

Looking Back at MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe’s Time at Netflix Reveals Just How Much He Learned from Reed Hastings

Heads-up: This is a long one, but rather than do what everyone else is and write another “How is MoviePass sustainable?” thinkpiece I wanted to take a deeper dive into everything MoviePass seems to have […]