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I Just Finished My Binge of Netflix’s Maniac. I Have Some Thoughts.

After its first two episodes, I was entranced by Maniac’s oddball charm, but fearful it might ultimately succumb to style over substance-related sins. Having finished the entire series, how do I feel now? For anyone […]

Forever Review: Amazon Delivers a Masterful Reflection on Life, Marriage, and [Spoiler]

Amazon’s Forever reinvents itself multiples times within just its first 2 episodes. Where it ends is drastically different than where it begins. That makes it a maddeningly challenging show to discuss. However, that’s a challenge […]

Netflix Review: Next Gen Gives Us a Broken Girl & Her Broken Robot

Apple’s latest product announcement made all the headlines yesterday. What if it had been made in a ginormous stadium, not a mere auditorium? What if they had promised a free robot butler to everyone in […]

Netflix Review: The Most Assassinated Woman in the World Falters Whenever It Leaves the Grand Guignol

The Most Assassinated Woman in the World is a film about a place, people, and art form stuck in transition. It’s also a modern Giallo homage (even though it’s set in Frace, not Italy) about […]

Iron Fist Is Trying to Transition Into Something Better. The Process Is Not Without Some Hiccups.

Yesterday, I offered my spoiler-lite thoughts on the first half of Iron Fist’s second season. Today, here’s my spoiler-filled take on the entire season. In a recent interview on Todd VanDerwerff’s podcast I Think You’re […]

I Just Reached the Halfway Point of Iron Fist’s Second Season. I Have Some Thoughts.

After a rocky first season, Iron Fist returns with a new showrunner, shortened episode total, and tonal course correction. After five episodes, I’m rather unimpressed with what they’ve come up with. Here are my spoiler-lite […]

The Little Strangers, Netflix’s The Lodgers & How We Talk About Gothic Horror Movies

I’ll get to my specific thoughts about The Lodgers in a second. But, first this: Slow-burn. Atmospheric. Gothic. Gloomy. Moody. Sophisticated. These are but some of the buzzwords we reviewers and film fans repeatedly use […]

Netflix Review: Us and Them Is a Home Invasion Thriller Tarantino Could Call His Own

Think of it as Home Invasion: Economic Anxiety Edition. It’s virtually impossible to watch Us and Them, a 2017 UK indie which recently found its way to Netflix, and not think of Quentin Tarantino. Or […]

Netflix Review: Emelie is a Wonderfully Twisted Showcase for Sarah Bolger

File this under horror movie premises that fall apart if just one of the parents in the story bothered to check Facebook. It’s date night. Correction: anniversary night for an overworked couple (played by Susan […]

Fox Searchlight to Hulu? $100 Million Budgets? No R-Rated Movies? – Assessing Disney’s Current Streaming Plans

Before yesterday’s earnings calls with Disney CEO Bob Iger, here’s what we knew or at least believed to be true about the Mouse House’s forthcoming streaming service and overall streaming plans: The Disney-branded streaming service […]