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Netflix Review: They Don’t Make Movies Like Kodachrome Anymore, But Maybe There’s a Good Reason for That

A beaten down record company A&R man makes one last stand. As his admiring love interest and sickly father look on, he faces down the band he absolutely must sign to keep his job. “You’re […]

Review: I Feel Pretty, Netflix’s I Am Not An Easy Man & The High Concept Rom-Com

A knock on the noggin is all it takes to send the protagonists of I Feel Pretty and Netflix’s I Am No Easy Man into a fantasy world of skewed beauty standards and gender role […]

Looking Back at MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe’s Time at Netflix Reveals Just How Much He Learned from Reed Hastings

Heads-up: This is a long one, but rather than do what everyone else is and write another “How is MoviePass sustainable?” thinkpiece I wanted to take a deeper dive into everything MoviePass seems to have […]

Netflix Has the 1998 Lost in Space Movie. I Should Finally Watch That. [Comes Back 2 Hours Later.] That Was a Huge Mistake.

With the internet going crazy over Netflix’s new Lost in Space series, I thought it would be a good idea to look back at the 1998 movie. Sigh. I was wrong. I was so wrong. […]

Netflix Review: Orbiter 9 Twists and Turns Into Passengers Territory

In Netflix’s current run of middling-to-terrible original sci-fi movies, Orbiter 9 at least gets the prize for taking some of the biggest swings. At the 20-minute mark, the entire premise is thrown out the window and […]

HBO Review: Cast a Deadly Spell Is Like Bright But Nearly 30 Years Earlier

Watching HBO’s 1991 Original Film Cast a Deadly Spell, a comedy-fantasy-film noir mashup re-imagining H.P. Lovecraft as a private detective, reminded me of a recent Jason Blum quote about Netflix. It came during Blum’s interview […]

Netflix Review: The Titan Keeps Netflix’s Disappointing Sci-Fi Streak Alive

Netflix’s new film The Titan has a fairly cool idea at its center: what if we have to genetically remake humanity in order to survive? Specifically, future scientists faced with a looming apocalypse brought about […]

Netflix Review: Always is Steven Spielberg’s Divorce Movie & It’s Super Awkward

By the end of the 80s, Steven Spielberg had made several films, most notably E.T., which reflected on his painful childhood experience of watching his parents divorce. He’d also made a break-up movie, infusing Temple […]

Netflix Review: Tabula Rasa’s “Poisoned Poem” Imagery is Secondary to Its True Horror

Tabula Rasa is a (maybe) haunted house story told in slow motion. It’s also a pretzel-shaped mystery, domestic drama, noir crime story, and mind-fuck thriller. It’s a lot of things, is the point, all of […]

Netflix Review: Dig Two Graves Mixes In a Little Too Much True Crime With its Gothic Horror

After American Fable, I decided to sample another one of Netflix’s period piece thrillers set in rural America. That led me to Dig Two Graves (made in 2014 but released last year), director/co-writer Hunter Adams’ […]