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The Emmys and Beyond: The Best (and Worst) TV I Watched This Year

Whenever the Primetime Emmy Awards roll around, bloggers have various obvious tracks they can take. There’s the tried-and-true predictions list, usually broken down into who will win versus who should win. There’s the snubs list […]

Netflix Review: Little Evil Tries, But Fails to Replicate the Tucker & Dale Versus Evil Formula

There’s this concerning trend developing at Netflix: They keep hiring promising directors to make movies for them, and those directors keep failing to produce their best work. This year alone, The One I Love’s Charlie […]

Netflix Review: Disjointed Is More Intriguing Than It Is Funny

Disjointed, Netflix’s latest attempt at a progressive version of a multi-camera, laugh track sitcom, is the brainchild of longtime network TV veteran Chuck Lorre (Grace Under Fire, Dharma & Greg, Two and a Half Men, […]

Here’s A Chart Breaking Down How Much Apple, Amazon, Netflix & The Rest Are Spending on Digital TV

Sleep-deprived TV critics who can’t possibly keep track of yet another original content creator breathed a sigh of relief when NBC pulled the plug on SeeSo and WGN shuddered its original programming division. Finally, a […]

What Happens When Movies Proposed By Fans on Twitter End Up Getting Made?

Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o are going to star in a movie written by Issa Rae and directed by Ava DuVernay, and it’s all because of the internet. Wired thinks that should happen more often. Wired […]

The Studios Are a Step Closer to Offering Premium Video on Demand Next Year & The Theaters Won’t Like It

Earlier this year AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron, the man charged with running the largest theater chain in North America, assured investors that there was no industry consensus on premium video on demand yet, at […]

The Defenders Episode 1 “The H Word” – Choppy, Just Like The Avengers

Just finished the first episode. Can I finally say, “Defenders asse…”? Not so fast. We’ve got to set the mood, reintroduce the characters, tie off all of their cliffhangers and chart a new path for […]

Could Disney’s New Netflix-like Service Be a Step Toward Premium Video On Demand?

Why is Disney walking away from a deal which nets them as much as $300 million a year? That’s what Ben Weiss, chief investment officer at 8th & Jackson Capital Management, wondered when Disney announced […]

MoviePass Just Offered a Deal That Is So Good the Country’s Largest Theater Chain Wants Nothing to Do With It

$9.99, are they out of their mind? That’s the question currently being thrown around at AMC Headquarters in Leawood, Kansas, where executives for the country’s largest movie theater chain are ordering their army of lawyers […]

Review: MST3K Live! Proves Netflix Needs to Renew This Show

I bought a ticket to the MST3K Live! Watch Out for Snakes Tour the second they went on sell. I didn’t even give it a second thought, which is weird because I cannot claim to […]