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The Orville’s “Cupid’s Dagger” Plays a Rape Allegory for Laughs

A week after going all stand-alone with an adventure focused on the show’s least utilized characters, Isaac and the Doctor, The Orville returns in “Cupid’s Dagger” to its default setting of focusing on Ed and […]

Reminder: Titans & Young Justice Will Also Be Used to Launch a Streaming Service

This is how TV is in 2017: The networks hate airing shows they don’t actually own. They’re all terrified of Netflix. And they all want to have their own subscription streaming service (eventually). Basically, it’s […]

Review: Stark Trek: Discovery Makes Me Wish I Was Re-Watching The Orville Instead

It’s 9:38 PM. I finished Star Trek: Discovery’s pilot 15 minutes ago. In the time since then, I’ve read several reviews, checked out Twitter reactions (sooooo many people hate the idea of paying for yet […]

Was “About a Girl” Orville’s Best Episode? No, Worst Episode! No, I, Um, Don’t Know

I had to roll my eyes when I read this quote from Seth MacFarlane about The Orville in EW’s Fall TV Preview issue: “Good science fiction doesn’t ignore current events and sociopolitics. The Orville doesn’t […]

TV Pilot Review: The Orville Is Basically Just Straightforward, Old School Star Trek With More Jokes

Turns out, we’ve been focusing on the wrong thing this entire time. See, ever since The Orville trailer debuted at Comic-Con the discussion about this not-quite-Star Trek, not-quite Galaxy Quest series has centered on its […]

My Hot Take on the Star Trek: Discovery Trailer

You’ll have to give me a minute. I just watched the new Star Trek: Discovery trailer, and I’m struggling to adjust. See, I had been led to believe this new show was to be a […]

Fox Somehow Managed to Get a Star Trek Spoof Show Ready Before CBS Could Figure Out Star Trek: Discovery

Fox might have its own Star Trek show on the air before CBS does. Feels like we should stop to talk about that. To be clear, Fox isn’t technically making its own  Star Trek show. […]

The Star Trek Franchise Just Can’t Catch a Break These Days

Last weekend at Wizard World in Tulsa, Oklahoma there was a special panel called “The State of Star Trek 2016: Star Trek Turns 50.” Sadly, I was unable to attend, but the description for the […]

Star Trek: Discovery – Learning to Accept the Delay

Here’s how things are going for the Star Trek franchise right now: We’re a week removed from the 50th anniversary of the airing of the first episode. The internet has already crapped out the mandatory […]

Box Office: China Might Save Star Trek Beyond on the Balance Sheet, But That Doesn’t Seem Like a Victory

Star Trek Beyond just not so boldly went where many, many Hollywood blockbusters have before – to China to beg for financial salvation. Whether or not that salvation will truly come remains to be seen, […]