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A Lament for the Potentially Good Superman Movie Henry Cavill Never Got to Make

Warner Bros. went to Henry Cavill to discuss filming a Superman cameo for Shazam. They left with no cameo and, in fact, no Superman. That’s the gist of the story in The Hollywood Reporter, which […]

SyFy Review: Krypton Plays a Lot Better If You’ve Never Seen Smallville. Or Supergirl. Or Any Superman Movie Ever, Really.

I…can’t. I just can’t with Krypton right now. It’s a comic book show. It airs on SyFy after The Magicians, a show I adore. It features DC characters like Adam Strange and Brainiac and dares […]

A History of DC Comics at the Cinema: An Infographic

Batman. Superman 2. The Dark Knight. Woo-hoo! DC Comics movies rock! All-time classics! Superman 3-4. Supergirl. Steel. Catwoman. Jonah Hex. Constantine. Green Lantern. Batman v Superman. Sadly, Suicide Squad. And, of course, Batman and Robin. […]

Original Movies Are Better Than Remakes/Reboots, Or So The Data Says: An Infographic

Amber at ForRent.com just sent me a link to a fantastic infographic in which she took a statistical approach to comparing the big reboots of our time to their originals. But before I get to […]

Digging Deeper Into Batman v Superman’s Box Office: An Acceptable Return on Investment?

This wasn’t supposed to happen. When Warner Bros. picked 3/25/2016 as the release date for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, they thought they were guaranteeing themselves at least three weeks of complete box office […]

How Far Will Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Fall This Weekend?

A rough translation of Warner Bros.’ Current Marketing for Batman v Superman: Bad reviews? Bring it on! We’re the home of bad superhero movies, and you can’t stop us! [Maniacal laugh] People will keep on […]

Wonder Woman Should/Should Not Wear Pants – A Costume Evolution Infographic

When I look at HalloweenCostumes’ “The Evolution of Wonder Woman” infographic, the first thing I notice is that it took dang near 70 years for Wonder Woman’s classic comic book costume to add pants. Granted, […]

The Final Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer is Batman’s Time to Shine (or Mostly Glower)

It seems like it was only yesterday that Zack Snyder stunned Comic-Con audiences by having Harry Lennix read an iconic passage from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns as a way of announcing that the […]

Trailer: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Will Be Funnier Than Man of Steel?

That’s it. I give up. I have no idea what to expect from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Well, that’s not technically true.  I have a very, very good idea of what the basic […]

The New Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Footage Has an Injustice: Gods Among Us Feel To It

Oh, that rascally Batman.  He just makes Superman so angry.  When Superman gets like that, he flashes his best “I am super, super pissed, bro” face while marching towards you and ripping your mask off. […]