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Reminder: Titans & Young Justice Will Also Be Used to Launch a Streaming Service

This is how TV is in 2017: The networks hate airing shows they don’t actually own. They’re all terrified of Netflix. And they all want to have their own subscription streaming service (eventually). Basically, it’s […]

Ben Affleck’s Batman To Be Re-Cast or Written Out of the DCEU. He Never Should Have Accepted the Part in the First Place.

Ben Affleck has been sending SOS signals with his eyes pretty much from the moment he agreed to become WB’s new Batman, and his professional and personal life have fallen apart ever since, effectively erasing the […]

My Advice to Warner Bros. About Their Plan to Reboot The Matrix Without The Wachowskis

Don’t do it. Make something else instead. Maybe something original. Maybe not. Who are we kidding, it’ll totally be something unoriginal. But just leave The Matrix alone. Even if you get the Wachowskis still don’t […]

A Question Worth Re-Examining: Why Did Ben Affleck Agree to Play Batman?

You could not have picked a better contrast between that which does and does not matter than two days ago when news headlines touting Donald Trump’s immigration ban and firing of the acting Attorney General […]

My Thoughts on WB Moving Foward on a Gotham City Sirens Movie

It has now been 48 hours since The Hollywood Reporter revealed Warner Bros. is officially moving forward on the long-rumored Harley Quinn team-up movie. Contrary to earlier rumors, the source material will not be Birds […]

The Two Days that Defined the Current State of WB’s DC Extended Universe & Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe

The fate of the superhero movie universe is largely being decided by two Kevin’s, and the wildly differing approaches they took back on two separate October 2014 days tells us a lot about where their […]

A History of DC Comics at the Cinema: An Infographic

Batman. Superman 2. The Dark Knight. Woo-hoo! DC Comics movies rock! All-time classics! Superman 3-4. Supergirl. Steel. Catwoman. Jonah Hex. Constantine. Green Lantern. Batman v Superman. Sadly, Suicide Squad. And, of course, Batman and Robin. […]

The Positive Takeaway from Universal & WB’s Tug-of-War Over King Kong & Godzilla

When Legendary Pictures, the film finance company behind Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, bolted from Warner Bros. to Universal in 2014, everything seemed rosy. The CEOs released pleasant-sounding statements. Legendary’s Thomas Tull said, “We are […]

I Wouldn’t Want to Be the Person at Warner Bros. Who Put Straight Outta Compton in Turnaround

On Showtime’s Episodes, John Pankow plays a two-faced president of an American TV network. His Merc Lepidus is the type of guy who’ll tell clients how much he loves their show even though he’s never […]

Review: Man From U.N.C.L.E. Is a Blockbuster With Personality in the Age of the Assembly Line

On some level, you could sum up director Guy Ritchie’s new Warner Bros. franchise hopeful Man from U.N.C.L.E. as being a spy movie in which beautiful people do awesome things in exotic locations in the […]