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How Much Smash’s Writers Hate Their Own Show, Argo’s Disregard for Facts, and Other Stories You May Have Missed

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Notice how this season 2 poster makes sure to highlight that Debra Messing is not wearing yet another scarf.

If I Only Have Time To Read One, Which Should It Be?

Things Were About As Bad if Not a Little Worse Behind the Scenes of Season 1 of Smash Than You Expected

All you behind the scenes drama lovers?  Check out this fascinating behind the scenes expose of the working conditions of the first season of Smash, in which the villain of the piece is none other than the now-deposed show-runner/head-writer Theresa Rebeck.  I non-ironically watch Smash meaning that although I have certainly done so with other shows – I’m looking at you, latter-era Smallville – I do not watch the show simply for the purpose of mocking it alongside like-minded social media friends.  That being said, I am not surprised to hear of a dysfunctional backstage for the show; I’m just surprised by the extent of the dysfuction (e.g., Rebeck mostly ignoring her writers). [Source:]

The Rest

1. You Are my Main Group-Hang, i.e., The End of Courtship

Is dating dead? For millenials, the answer appears to be yes, according to this recent New York Times article detailing the current “hangout” and “hookup” culture among current American 20-somethings. As someone who has repeatedly been in that grey zone of “So, was this a date? Or just a hang-out?” this article cuts a little close to home. Parks and Recreation fans will note the similarities between this and the recent episode in which Rob Lowe’s character was continually vexed by the vagueness in which his new female friend characterized their personal relationship [Source: The New York Times]

2. New Research Indicates We Should All Put Down Our Internet-Enabled Devices Right Now and Go Out for a Walk….Wait.  At least finish reading my blog post before going

Remember when the big concern used to simply be whether or not people were too addicted to television? Pish-posh. Parents never used to turn off the family television and force kids to go outside or, even worse, have family game night. The horror…the horror. Well, that’s all behind us because television is old news, buddy and female equivalent of the word buddy. We are now entirely too addicted to the internet, according to new research published in the pages of “Well, Duh” and “No, Seriously, You God Paid to Do This? Are you Hiring?” journals. Those journal titles might have been made up by me. Nonetheless, this is an interesting article complete with awesome inforgraph depicting just how darn addicted we all are to the internet. [Source:]

3. How Accurate is Argo?

Argo is absolutely killing at the awards shows right now.  In honor of this, why not revisit a question which seemed a lot more topical when the film first came out: its historical accuracy or lack thereof?  As it turns out, once you get past the thrillingly edited opening escape from the American embassy the film is faithful more in spirit than in actual fact.  Most notably, you can throw out the last, thrilling half hour of the movie because it is complete and utter bullshit, but it makes for a good movie.  [Source:]

4. The 100 Best Horror Films of All Time According to Some Kind Blokes in London

For no apparent other reason than for the heck of it, a London publication has compiled a list of the top 100 horror movies as voted by horror film makers and enthusiast alike. The list is notable in that it is not limited to American cinema. In fact, a good portion of the list are foreign films, and with good cause because some of the classic Italian and Japanese horror stuff puts us bloody colonials to shame in the field of  “Oh, my God!  Did they actually just do that!” [Source: TimeOut London]

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