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You’ve Got Sleepless Mail in Seattle?, Disneyland Proposals, and Other Valentine’s Day Stories You May Have Missed

Ross & Rachel Breakup
Ross and Rachel from “The One With the Morning After” episode of Friends in which they break up for the first time. They would do this several more times before the end of the show.

This week I focus on the many Valentines Day stories currently poluting the pop culture sites.

If I Only Have Time to Read One Story, What Should It Be?

Are You A Bad Person If You Like You’ve Got Mail More Than Sleepless In Seattle?  Maybe.

Margaret Lyons and Josh Wolk over at Vulture duke it out over which is the better Nora Eprhon/Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan vehicle: Sleepless in Seattle (1993) or You’ve Got Mail (1998)? I feel like the internet will collectively turn against me if I admit to liking the latter and not really caring about the former.  So, this is me not doing that (via )

The Rest


1. Screw Love – Six Films Which Are Cynical About Romance

Several  films have attempted to address the corrupting influence of popular culture on our expectations in relationships, some of which regard the influence as a plague quietly infecting the masses (500 Days of Summer, Don Jon’s Addiction) whereas others acknowledge the artifice of fictionalized romance but re-affirm its positive potential (Friends With Benefits, Sleepless in Seattle).  What of those movies altogether cynical about romance? Well, this is the list for you. Michelle Williams pop up in two of the six films, Blue Valentine (2010) and Take This Waltz (2012), which begs the question: should we be worried about Michelle Williams?  (via

2. Awkward Sexual Encounters On Film – Our Favorites

It is equally refreshing/jarring whenever film depicts sexual encounters which are horribly awkward as opposed to earth-moving, bed-breaking (I’m looking at you, Twilight) displays of harmonious sexual chemistry.  Britt Hayes at ScreenCrush recognized this, and put together a list of painfully awkward movie sex scenes.  Where is the MPAA agitating scene from Blue Valentine ? (via

3. A History of Love On Film

In the vein of Jeanine Basinger’s recently published I Do and I Don’t: A History of Marriage in Filmswhich attempts to trace the history of the depiction of marriage in film, Buzzfeed has a very concise overview of the evolution of on-screen romance throughout film history (via


1. Why You Want To Break My Heart-Heartbreaking Moments From Science-Fiction Television

Of course, you know Joss Whedon is well-represented here, with both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel up there. As Camera Obscura sang, hey Lloyd, I’m ready to be heartbroken, and this list reads like a stroll down heartbreak lane. (via )

2. Relationship Rules and Advice As Distilled From Years Upon Years of Television Viewing

Truthfully,I have a soft spot for any reference to Ross’ infamous “We were on a break!” defense for his infidelity with the photocopy girl from season 3 of Friends.  CinemaBlend argues this instance teaches us that in relationships it is best to fully define terms/phrases such as “on a break” or “separated” before actually going through with it. (via

3. Great Love Triangles From Geek-Friendly Television

To quote John Lithgow’s character from a season 4 episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun, “A triangle is the strongest shape in geometry, but somehow a love triangle just collapses.”  Yet we love watching those bastards collapse, as indicated by this list of favorite TV love triangles.  I am wondering how the hell they listed Angelus/Spike/Drusilla over Angel/Spike/Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel!  (via

Video Games

1. They Really Should Start Seeing Other People – Dysfunctional Relationships From Video Games

During any and all of your Super Mario Bros. video game playing, have you ever stopped to ponder what type of relationship Mario and Princess “Toadstool” Peach have outside of his constantly having to save her from same Bowser-like captor?  Well, Gamelogical has.  Also, I really, really want to argue against their assertion that Elena Fisher needs to leave Nathan Drake (from Sony’s Uncharted series), but their rather real world-based arguments make total sense. (via

Fun Videos

1. YouTube Clips of Marriage Proposals At Disneyworld

The only surprise marriage proposal I have ever witnessed in-person was at a Kansas City Royals game, and it was of the standard couple-suddenly-on-jumbotron-guy-gets-on-one-knee-girl-awkwardly-says-yes-crowd-cheers variety.  According to this list (with YouTube clips) from GeeksOfDoom, I should have been going to Disney theme parks to get the really good surprise proposals.  My favorite from their list  is the first one, in which a man enlists a Bruno Mars song and a flash mob to propose to his girlfriend because if you propose at Disney you best do it via a tightly choreographed dance and song.  (via

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