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Watching Girls’ Nude Scenes with a Spouse, Lies That Almost Killed All Comic Books, and Other Stories You May Have Missed



This Week In…Someone Saying Something Interesting About HBO’s Divisive, Hipster-Baiting Girls

Dustin Rowles at Pajiba describes the experience of watching the latest episode of Girls with his wife and pondering how to respond to her question of, “Have you ever seen a real woman’s thighs on television before?”  What follows is a painfully honest admission of a somewhat ashamed man that despite all of his feminist leanings he has been cultured to expect a certain female body type on our screens and when that doesn’t happen it is a bit unsettling.  I can relate.  Bravo to Rowles for putting it out there (via


Comic Books

1. That Guy Whose Seduction of the Innocent Book in 1954 Almost Single-Handedly Destroyed the Comic Book Industry?  Yeah, He Mostly Made Up All Of His Research

Granted, it’s more of a case of him massaging his data, but, still, holy crap, y’all!  Remember, this guy almost killed comic books (via


2. No, Seriously.  What is up with all of this Anne Hathaway hating?

My fellow WeMinoredInFilm writer Julianne has modeled her hair after Anne Hathaway’s current pixie cut.  So, yeah, our site is friendly to Ms. Hathaway.  But some people would punch Hathaway if they saw her in the street.  Why?  Britt Hayes at ScreenCrush has a good breakdown of why people feels this way and why they’re wrong (via

3. Action Films – Evolve or Die Hard

As a child of the 80s and 90s, this recent 80s action movie nostalgia trip with the returning Stallone, Governator, and Willis should be like manna shot down to Earth by God’s bazooka.  However, I have found these films wanting.  Why?  Landon Palmer at FilmSchoolRejects diagnoses the problem (via

4. The Uproar Over Safe Haven – Wait, Uproar?  Seriously?  Over a Nicholas Sparks Film?  What’s All The Fuss About?

If you have heard about the uproar over Safe Haven’s ending and don’t plan on seeing the film or read the book and already know, check out io9’s breakdown of the best reactions to Safe Haven’s much-hated ending (via

5. Roger Rabbit Maybe Returning in a Team-up Movie With Mickey Mouse

If Jessica Rabbit is part of this deal, let’s hope that Mickey and Minnie have some sort of arrangement because you know there wi…actually, even thinking about Jessica Rabbit attempting to seduce Mickey made my soul hurt for some reason (via

6. Oh, To Be a Fly On The Wall On the Set of a Film Which Is Becoming a Disaster Before Your Eyes – An Eyewitness Account of Lindsay Lohan’s The Canyons

Have you wondered what the film set of a truly terrible movie must have been like?  Well, a reporter for The New York Times happened to be witness to one such slow-moving train wreck of a movie, and it stars Lindsay Lohan (via


7. 15 Years Ago Today, Buffy Became Awesome aka That Time When Angel Killed Giles’ Girlfriend

For those of you who watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer first run be prepared for this blast of nostalgia – the season 2 episode of Buffy entitled “Passion”, in which Angelus kills Jenny Calender, just turned 15 years old!  (via

8. About Time! Nielson To Eventually Incorporate Streaming Services Beyond DVR in Viewing Figures

Could this somehow retroactively save Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23?  No?  Then, thanks, but I’m still bitter (via

9. As It Turns Out, The Universe Can Withstand Both Elementary and Sherlock Existing…and Both Being Kind of Awesome

CBS asked Steven Moffat to make a version of his BBC hit Sherlock for their network.  Moffat and his producer wife declined.  CBS did their own version anyway. The internet went nuts.  Then the show aired, and was unique enough and didn’t totally suck.  Now, people like it a lot.  How’d they pull that off?  DenofGeek thinks they know the answer (via

10. Can Male and Female Characters On Television Shows Ever Just Stay Friends?  New Girl is Saying No, And That Makes the AV Club Sad

Count the AV Club’s Todd VanDerWerff as one writer not on board with New Girl’s kiss-heard-round-the-internet moment a couple of weeks ago between Jess and Nick (via

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