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An Update on 7 Upcoming Comic Book Movies That Having Nothing to Do With Marvel or DC

Are you getting tired of all the same old superheroes invading our movie theaters and taking over our TVs and streaming devices? Can you no longer keep your Tobey Maguire Spider-Man straight from your Andrew […]

5 Reasons There Are So Many Comic Book TV Shows & What’s Next

Be honest: Have you lost track of how many comic books are being turned into TV shows right now?  The last time I counted there were three already on the air and past their first […]

UPDATED: The State of Comic Books on TV – 3 Returning Shows, 5 Set to Debut & 18 More In Development

UPDATED 9/19/14 – I updated the part about Supergirl (it’s been ordered to series at CBS), and added in the shows I missed the first time around: Clone, Letter 44, Outcast, and Ronin — As […]

UPDATED: The Confirmed & Rumored Release Dates for All Upcoming Comic Book Movies

Updated 8/6/14 – Geeze, this is the second time I’ve had to update this article.  I’ve added in all of the newly announced DC release dates as well as Sony’s rumored 2017 releases. – Comic-Con […]

What Might Be In Store for Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page on Netflix’s Daredevil

It’s hard not to love Deborah Ann Woll.  The second she arrived on True Blood she managed to do something which had previously seemed impossible: she made Bill Compton funny.  Before her, the funniest thing […]

5 Superheroes Who Went from Guy to Gal (And Not Because of Some Alternate Reality/Timeline)

Thor’s going to be a woman now. But it’s not really Thor. It’s a mysterious woman who comes along and picks up his hammer after he proves himself unworthy of it. But she’ll call herself […]

Could Marvel Lose the Rights to The Avengers? – Jack Kirby’s Heirs Want to Take Marvel to the Supreme Court Over Copyrights, Hollywood Guilds Agree

Thanks to the rise of the post-credits sequence, many of us have become all too familiar sitting through 5-10 minutes of closing credits, discovering odd things like how Bryan Singer had 4 personal assistants on […]

Oh, My Stars & Garters – Early Reviews Indicate X-Men: Days of Future Past May Be Kind of Awesome

With a rumored $200+ million budget, ranking second to only Avatar as the most expensive in 20th Century Fox’s 79 year history, X-Men: days of Future Past is a big gamble to revive a franchise in stark domestic box office decline. […]

How Long 10 Notable Superheroes Stayed Dead Once Killed Off in the Comics

Comic book fans used to have a saying, “In comics, no one stays dead except for Bucky Barnes, Jason Todd, and Uncle Ben.”  Then all 3 of those characters were revived between 2005-2006, although Ben […]

Trailer Watch: X-Men: Days of Future Past’s Final Trailer-Now With Way More 1970s Action

Prior this point, the X-Men: Days of Future Past trailers have suffered under the burden of having to clearly communicate the specifics of its time travel plot (apocalyptic future, Wolverine sent back to stop it […]