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Comic-Con: See the New Videos for Game of Thrones, Person of Interest, Revolution, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Walking Dead & How I Met Your Mother

These past couple of days at Comic-Con those fanatical souls who had sufficient discretionary income, time, and the ability to withstand standing in endless lines have been treated to multiple exclusive videos.  That’s their reward for being there in person in the room at the moment stars and producers meet fans.  Our reward for not being at Comic-Con?  Those exclusive videos usually end up online pretty quickly, and we don’t have to wait in line for hours to see them.  Kind of cheapens it for the people actually at Comic-Con, huh?

Either way, here are some of the videos which have premiered this weekend:

Game of Thrones: In Memoriam For All The Deceased Characters:

Read more about the Game of Thrones Comic-Con panel here.

Sizzle Reel for Person of Interest Including Some New Footage from the Upcoming Third Season:

Additionally, Person of Interest revealed that Amy Acker, who plays Root, has been upgraded to a regular character in the new season.  Read more about the Person of Interest Comic-Con panel here.

Season 2 trailer for Revolution:

Read more about the Revolution Comic-Con panel here.

Sizzle Reel for The Vampire Diaries Including Our First Look at Paul Wesley as Silas from the Season 5 Premiere:

Read more about the Vampire Diaries Comic-Con panel here.

Season 1 Trailer for The Vampire Diaries Spin-Off The Originals Including Entirely New Footage

Read more about The Originals’ Comic-Con panel here.

Season 4 trailer for The Walking Dead:

Read more about the The Walking Dead Comic-Con panel here.

In making their Comic-Con debut the How I Met Your Mother people treated fans to an exclusive video featuring Ted’s children, free of CBS sensors, letting Future Ted know exactly how they felt about having been forced for 8 years to listen to his meandering story about meeting their mother.  It’s basically an actual version of the same sketch most fans have joked about for years: how have those kids survived on that couch for 8 years?  Also, fight off your sadness when you realize it’s been 8 years, and that the actors playing his kids look so much older now.  The video is included below, but should it be taken down from YouTube for any reason head over to TVLine for the official version from CBS:

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