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Twitter Reacts to That Epic Flash Vs. Zoom Fight

The Flash producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg were live-tweeting during last night’s new episode “Enter Zoom,” and at one point Berlanti warned us to expect something scary in the final act:

When he sent out that Tweet, the episode had actually been one of the funniest in Flash‘s history, with Linda Park subbing in for her absent doppleganger from Earth-2 and proving just how terrible she is at pretending to be a supervillian.  Cisco had hilarious cardboard cutouts of the entire STAR Labs crew for her to use as target practice, and even though she was clearly terrible at it Barry went through with using her as bait in a plan to draw out the season’s big bad, Zoom.  Barry and Linda staging a cliched superhero-supervillain fight as Flash and Doctor Light must have been one of the most enjoyable sequences for the writers to put together this season, but it acted as an amazing counterpoint to what was on the way.  They were simply playing at being heroes and villains and the show was as enjoyable as its ever been before, and then, well, shit got real (as real as things can get when you have a villain who can catch a lighting bolt out of the air).  Zoom finally showed up and delivered one of the most epic beatdowns in superhero TV history, utterly humiliating and literally crippling Barry.  He easily deflected every little superhero trick Barry’s learned to this point, and then dragged his unconscious body to the newspaper building, police precinct and finally STAR Labs, a rather efficient way to instantly announce his supremacy over The Flash to the Central City media and cops as well as pretty much every ally Barry has in the city.

It …. was …. amazing.  It’s the type of thing that I don’t think can really be summed up or assessed in a proper review or any kind of analysis.  Instead, you simply need to look at how the fans reacted to truly get how effective it was .  So, here’s a small sampling of how Twitter reacted as the 6-minute fight sequence played out:

What did you think of that epic fight scene?  Let me know in the comments.


  1. Still can’t believe it that was so friggen epic!!!! I found myself hysterical laughing and then 5 minutes later wanting to cover my eyes and screaming NOOOO.
    Just another week The Flash proves they are better at TV than everyone else.

    1. “I found myself hysterical laughing and then 5 minutes later wanting to cover my eyes and screaming NOOOO.”

      That’s exactly how I felt on the inside while watching that fight. I thought Linda was a goner for sure, and I knew Zoom would defeat Barry but not completely dominate him the way he did. It was amazing how the episode went from seeming so fun and enjoyably silly to deadly serious, and that the instantaneous switch didn’t leave you with whiplash.

      Good luck, topping that, guys who end up making that Ezra Miller Flash movie because that..that was badass.

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