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The New Legends of Tomorrow Trailer Looks Legen-Wait For It…

Hey, do you like Arrow and The Flash?

-Yeah?  Cool.  You’ll probably dig this new trailer for the spin-off Legends of Tomorrow.

Are you not really a fan of TV’s Batman Oliver Queen  or the weird multiverse and endless parade of father figures on The Flash?

-You’ve got some nerve mister [menacing stare, awkward silence].  Either way, maybe don’t watch this new trailer.  It’s probably not going to be your thing.

That seems like a strange thing for me to say.  For starters, there are plenty of Flash fans who don’t like Arrow and vice versa, and Legends of Tomorrow is going to be very different from both of them.  Arrow‘s their Batman, Flash is their Superman and Legends of Tomorrow will be their…um, Quantum Leap?  No, that’s not quite right. Doctor Who?  No, I’m only thinking that because it is a time travel show and Arthur Darville will be in it.  Awake? Um, no. Journeyman?  Stop. First Edition? Please stop. Life on Mars? STOP. 12 Monkeys? For the love of God, please STOP randomly naming time travel shows.  Legends of Tomorrow will clearly just be a junior Justice League with time traveling.

Help me out here, Legends of Tomorrow creators Marc Guggenheim and Phil Kelmmer: what’s your show going to be like?

“The show will contain elements of Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis’ Justice League International run.” Guggenheim told THR. That’s probably a reference to the show’s tone, as Giffen and DeMatteis’ run is considered more comedic than grim. Klemmer compared the show to Ocean’s Eleven or Dirty Dozen. However, he also said the show would eventually introduce darker elements like betrayal and characters being tempted by the dark side.

Huh. Maybe I just should show you the trailer. Yeah.  That’d be easier:

Fun. Family-friendly. Time travel-trippy. Knowingly campy.  Those are the descriptions that come to mind.

Not Jessica Jones. Not Daredevil. Not Agents of Shield. Not Agent Carter.  Those comparisons also come to mind.

On TV, DC is doing its thing (well, Gotham is its weird own category), and Marvel is doing its thing.

The trailer makes references to The Dark Knight and Superman, and has intriguing “fun with time travel” scenarios like Professor Stein’s wedding ring disappearing and Captain Cold apparently meeting his younger self.  It’s also fully aware of how over-stuffed its own cast is, and while that might seem concerning remember that Phil Klemmer previously teased, ‘Some of these characters might not make it for the full trip,” he said, adding that, “some might be lost in time.”  Somehow, I don’t see Heat Wave lasting the whole season.  If he loves the 70s so much maybe they’ll leave him there.

Okay. I just re-watched the trailer, and am I the only getting a really weird Stargate vibe off of this show?

Moving on.  Perhaps the thing we all want to know is whether or not things these people change in the past will somehow alter the present on either Arrow or The Flash?  Probably not.  We’ll have to tune in when the show premieres on Thursday January January 21st to find out.

Sidenote: Wow. The CW is betting big on Legends.  They gave it The Vampire Diaries‘ old timeslot and moved that network-defining hit to Friday nights.  Sorry, Salvatores, and your magically cloaked vampire babies.  Move aside for the time travel squad.


  1. *stares back*

    Thus said, I always liked Sara before I dropped Arrow, so I might give it a look…if for nothing else than to be able to write an informed article about her character, which is truly wasted on the CW shows.

    1. Not gonna lie…that staring joke was made with you in mind. Not that I am really glaring or mad. In general, I have a very non-serious reaction to legends because it looks so light and fluffy. So, I made a bunch of jokes in the post.

      Sara does get a lot of time in the trailer, making it seem like she might be the team’s real badass. I would definitively watch this just for her. Luckily, I found other parts of it to be intriguing. For example, I am curious to see Arthur Darville because of doctor who.

      1. It is too bad that more or less all shows of DC are made in the CW style (with the exception of Gotham which isn’t for me for other reasons). It would be great if they had a little bit more variety in what they offer. But I guess once you have a working concept, there is really no reason to move away from it just to please those who don’t like it.

  2. This was much better than the first trailer. This should have been the first trailer, rather than the one we got, with Dr. Stein’s droning exposition. I was not a fan of that, but this makes me feel more optimistic for this show.

    1. I pretty much agree. To be fair, though, that first trailer they released wasn’t really a trailer. That was literally the only footage they had shot for the show. The CW didn’t go through the traditional pilot process with Legends. They liked the story pitch, and asked the producers to come up with a video presentation to sell the show, which is what we saw. That’s why the black kid who’s playing the other half of Firestorm wasn’t in the original trailer and the same goes for Hawkman and Hawkgirl. None of those people were even going to be a part of Legends when they made that first video for the network.

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