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The Check-In: Have You Reached Superhero Fatigue Yet?

Wakanda forever, Black Panther. Hey Infinity War, I’m still not feeling so good. Hah. Storyline reference. Deadpool 2. Meta! Fridging! Jokes! Crazy marketing! Oh, what about that post credits-scene! Amiright? Good times. As Ron Burgundy […]

TV Review: With Black Lightning, The CW Has Finally Met Marvel’s Challenge to Up Its Superhero Game

Black Lightning feels like what would happen if someone crossed Morgan Freeman from Lean on Me with Mike Colter’s Luke Cage and then fine-tuned it for the Trump age. It’d be a surprising, but welcome […]

Arrow Suggests a More Mature Direction in the Muddled “Fallout,” But Will You Stick Around to See What Happens Next?

Arrow’s fifth season went out with a bang. Literally. Adrian blew up Lian Yu with the majority of Team Arrow on it, which is why the CW has been so cagey with its season six […]

Arrow Season 5 Goes Out with a Melrose Place Bang in “Lian Yu”

This is the first and probably only ever time I’ll make this comparison, but Arrow just pulled a Melrose Place. Oh, I know there are probably plenty of other shows which have trotted out the […]

Arrow Brings Everything Full Circle in “Missing”

Shit just got real. Forget about “Missing”’s endless hand-wringing over whether or not Oliver will finally accept the power/responsibility of maintaining close relationships and not pushing people away. Blah, blah, blah…that’s kind of Arrow’s bag, […]

Arrow’s “Honor Thy Fathers” Does the Big-Bad-Threatens-the-Entire-City Plot a Little Earlier than Expected

We can see the finish line now. Arrow season 5 is almost over. After “Honor Thy Fathers,” there are just two episodes left. Two more episodes to bring Oliver’s feud with Adrian Chase to a […]

Arrow Gets Under Its Relationship Problems in, Um, “Underneath”…Oh, I See What They Did There

How has it taken Arrow this long to finally have a scene where Oliver tries to teach Felicity how to use the salmon ladder? It’s the kind of scene that, in retrospect, has always been […]

Arrow’s “Dangerous Liasons”: Not Judging

Arrow is down to just two regular female characters right now – Felicity and Dinah. However, even if Thea, Laurel, Moira and Sara were all still around on a regular basis (or Nyssa, Shado, Katana, […]

Oliver Gets By With a Little Help From His Friends in Arrow’s “Disbanded”

At least once in every season of Arrow or The Flash there seems to be an episode where the titular hero has to again be reminded of the power of teamwork and perils of going […]

Arrow’s “Kapiushon” Forces Oliver to See Himself for Who He Really Is

Remember how season 3 had that one short montage of R’as al Ghul torturing Oliver, successfully breaking him both physically and emotionally? Yeah, that was stupid. Arrow wanted a do-over. Thus, we have “Kapiushon.” Of […]