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Ghostbusters’ New International Trailer, Now With 99% More Chris Hemsworth

At 4 AM this morning I saw the following Tweet from GamesRadar: “New Ghostbusters Trailer Has More Chris Hemsworth and Crowdsurfing.”

Go shut the front door! A new Ghostbusters trailer? Like, a brand new trailer completely different than the one which premiered less than a week ago? Wow. Sony is so paranoid about the negative reaction to the first trailer that they rushed out a new one, huh. I hope you’re happy, internet. You made Sony feel bad. Look at all the moping they’ve been doing!

Screen-Shot-2014-12-17-at-9.54.54-PMBut, seriously, is this unprecedented? Has a studio ever moved this fast to deliver a new movie trailer after the first one was met with more dislikes than likes on YouTube?

Yeah, that’s not what’s actually happening here. Studios usually have two different versions of movie trailers, one for domestic audiences and one for international. Last week saw the debut of the domestic trailer. Today was the debut of the international trailer. I should have realized that right away, but the GamesRadar Tweet wasn’t that specific and it was only 4 AM!

As per usual with these things, the international trailer is familiar but it offers plenty of new footage as well as an interesting glimpse into what the studio’s marketing team thinks will appeal more to international audiences.

As far as jokes go, the domestic trailer was the Leslie Jones show whereas the international trailer drops almost all of her footage in favor of emphasizing Chris Hemsworth’s doofy male secretary character Kevin. That’s a significant difference considering Hemsworth only appeared in one shot near the very end of the domestic trailer. Now here he is in the international trailer getting hired as the secretary right away because Kristin Wiig’s character is so overwhelmed by how hot he is. The editing implies he’s the one who inspires them to create the proton packs because they need some way to capture the ghosts. He’ll also apparently get his own Ghostbusters outfit at some point, and the trailer gives the final joke to him (he draws a ghost with boobs for a logo, doesn’t get why they wouldn’t like it).

To sum up, domestic audiences are being sold a movie about four women, one of whom is clearly the sassy black friend, and international audiences are being sold a movie about four women and their male secretary who’s gorgeousness makes them come down with a mad case of the vapors.

Ghostbusters internationalIt is beyond curious that this trailer shifts so much attention to Hemsworth. However, that’s not the only thing which is different. We see a lot more of the action, with a particular emphasis on the various other weapons they’ll use beyond the traditional proton packs. There is a crowdsurfing gag which feels about as dated as the Exorcist riff in the first trailer. Still, this new trailer actually made me laugh. The one we saw last week didn’t.

The emphasis on Hemsworth is likely a creation of Sony’s marketing department, not a reflection of the actual finished film. Sony just can’t win either way, though. As of this writing, this trailer has more dislikes than likes on YouTube.

Ghostubsters comes out July 15, 2016.

Closing Thought: Does Kate McKinnon have a single line in either trailer, domestic or international?

Source: GamesRadar


  1. It’s amazing to me that both trailers featured two very different and equally dated jokes involving Leslie Jones being, for very different reasons in either instance, the butt of the joke. Neither joke was funny and both made me concerned for this movie (which I hope will come out and prove the naysayers wrong by being unexpectedly brilliant).

    It just amazes me that in 2016, in a movie whose one marketing gimmick is “Look how progressive we’re being, there are so many women in the cast when you would expect it to be men”, they’re almost undoing that progressive thinking with an odd and slightly alarming reliance on the “weird black friend” stereotype that stopped being funny or relevant in the 1980’s.

    1. And that is part of the pitfall of going the all-female route with this new Ghostbusters. Fair or not, it has instantly politicized the movie, and invited increased scrutiny on its so-called progressive choices. Leslie Jones is basically playing the standard Leslie Jones character. That’s more or less what Paul Feig recently said while defending her casting and performance, arguing he doesn’t normally go for performances as showy as that but he wanted to let her do her thing just as he did with McCarthy in Bridesmaids. In any other movie, Leslie Jones doing her shtick wouldn’t be a big deal. However, because it is in the new Ghostbusters with an all female cast it comes off as a racial stereotype which this movie should somehow be above.

      FilmSchoolRejects wrote about this kind of thing back when this movie was a mere rumor:

      “Regardless of how a new Ghostbusters turns out (if it gets made), it will always be anchored by this limiting identity. Its femininity will be the first question every interviewer asks for a year. Instead of the scope of the adventure or the quirks of its characters, this will be the story”

      Right or wrong, fair or not, this was the fate of this movie back when it was but a mere rumor, and they had to have known that. Now the first two new trailers have arrived and revealed that they appear to have compounded matters through the introduction of a divisive racial component. Again, it makes you want to ask how they didn’t see this pushback coming.

      All will likely be forgiven if this movie delivers the goods, and the international trailer at least gives the appearance of a tighter, funnier movie. Actually, even based off of the first movie I don’t think this will be an outright bad movie, not a repeat of Pixels as some have argued. I just don’t know if it will be good enough to prove the naysayers wrong, but for some of them nothing would ever win them over.

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