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Famous Film Hotels as Reviewed By Their Equally Famous Residents – An Infographic

When people send me infographics to share on this site I’ll usually look for some interesting angle, e.g., maybe rant a bit about the evolving DIY film aesthetic and rise of YouTube celebrities to intro a guide to crowdfunding and filming movies with your iPhone. Without that kind of commentary, I feel as if I’m just some guy more or less saying, “Look at dem purdy pictures.”

But I honestly have nothing to add to this following infographic from which presents fictional reviews of fictional hotels from famous movies. I just thought it was really cute and funny, particularly the picture of Jamie Lee Curtis in the Bates Motel section where a reviewer claims to be growing nervous over her absent mother (Curtis, of course, is the daughter of Janet Leigh, whose character was famously killed at Bates Motel halfway through Psycho). Actually, if you need that explained to you then this infographic probably won’t hold much charm, but if you’ve seen the involved films, a list that also includes Grand Budapest Motel and The Shining, there are certainly a couple of laughs to be found below:

Big Screen Breaks Infographic2Source:

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