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I Want Wonder Woman To Be Good, But I’m Not Ready to Give These WB DC Movies The Benefit of the Doubt

This might seem like an overly obvious statement, but I really hope Wonder Woman is good. The new trailer came out yesterday, offering us our first glimpse at the bad guys (one is a curiously masked female who might be a WW villain named Doctor Poison and the other is Danny Huston as a German) as well as confirming the film will contain a flashback framing device, i.e., the modern day Diana we met in Batman v Superman will look at some old pictures and flash back to that time she fell in love with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and kicked serious ass during WWI.  It all looks perfectly promising just as the first trailer did. Gal Gadot commands your attention. Pine appears perfectly amenable to playing the mansel in distress. The WWI setting is a nice change of pace for the genre, going even further back in history than Captain America: The First Avenger. The secretary character again has a somewhat flat joke at the end of the trailer, and we again hear that simultaneously awesome and goofy Wonder Woman guitar riff theme from BvS.

I’m not an expert in all things Wonder Woman. I can’t really do a deep, frame-by-frame analysis of the trailer to break down all of the easter eggs for you, not that I particularly want to do that with any trailers anymore. Vulture gets paid the big bucks to do that kind of thing. Head over there if that interests you. I also have not obsessively been tracking plot rumors throughout production. So, I can’t do a Wikipedia-esque summary of the film’s production history, although at this point surely we’re all familiar with the basics (e.g., original director Michelle MacLaren did pre-production for a couple of months before quitting, replaced by Patty Jenkins).

What I can do is re-affirm the obvious, namely that I really want this movie to be good. I just can’t quite give myself over to enthusiastic anticipation, though. Not after BvS. Not after Suicide Squad. Not after that anonymous letter from a former WB employee argued this film is just as big of a mess as BvS and Suicide Squad. Not after my years and years of never really caring about Wonder Woman as an actual character but instead merely admiring her as a feminist icon (albeit a rather troubling one at that) and deeply important figure in comic book history.

But, gosh, wouldn’t it be really awesome if this movie is, well, awesome? The hype rarely matches the end product anymore, making it easy to give in to cynicism, but hasn’t Wonder Woman done enough to now earn our optimism?

No. Again, not to belabor the point, but Bvs and Suicide Squad. That’s all you need to say. Until Wonder Woman proves us wrong we have no reason to give any of these WB movies the benefit of the doubt, regardless of behind the scenes changes (e.g., Geoff Johns is in charge now, not Zack Snyder). This new trailer makes this look like a fairly good movie, but we’ve been there before.

Wonder Woman comes out June 2, 2017.


  1. Yes. I hope the movie does well becasue feminists everywhere will be happy with that, but I’ve never been a huge WW fan.

    I’ve never thought much of her backstory or character. I’ve never wanted to get to know her better, even though I watched the show as a little girl, and pretended to be her from time to time.

    I was only interested in the adventures she had, not her as a person, and that hasn’t changed. So I hope its a good action film becasue it will set the stage for more female led action films.

  2. Yeah, I feel the same way. I want this to be good, if for no other reason than that Wonder Woman has been deprived of a movie for so long, and it would be such a great “take that!” if she would outgross at the very least Superman. And while I did get a bad vibe from the trailers of BvS and Suicide Squad (yes, I actually didn’t like the SS advertising at all, it looked messy to me), this time around there isn’t really much which throws me off other than perhaps the acting…I don’t know, I feel I should be a little bit more enthralled by Wonder Woman when she does something other than standing somewhere dramatically. Still, it looks like it will be at least a decent movie…and yes I am hesitant to get excited, because I don’t want to get burned by this one, and I know that WB has a horrible track record when it comes to females in Superhero movies.

  3. I hope it does well for feminists, for DC to show they can do it, for Gal Gadot’s career and to quieten down all the Marvel fans hating in DC. It is ok to watch both films. I actually liked batman vs superman. What were other people expecting with a story about a dark knight vigilante coming to blows with a supernatural being that is virtually invincible and bubble gum nice to everyone? You cant make a movie out of that premise. It was good enough. Wonder woman was good in it. More worried about the Flash. It can’t compete with the successful TV show of the same name. I knew Suicide Squad would be mess from the first trailer. Only Margot Robbie good in that mess. DC are better at TV. If WW does tank they ca always try that format again.

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