Harry Potter’s Ever-Shifting Hogwarts Faculty – An Infographic

Who was your favorite Defense Against the Darks Art Teacher? I’m a Remus Lupin man, myself, although when your competition is a couple of Voldemort acolytes and a double agent who killed Dumbledore the pickings are a bit slim. Speaking of which, is Dumbledore really the consensus pick for best Headmaster, or do you think Dolores Umbridge deserves some respect for clearly getting shit done? If so, are you crazy? Dolores Umbridge was the stand-in for every domineering, disciplinarian teacher everyone seems to have had at least once in their life, and she ran Hogwarts with the iron fist of a third world dictator. Who was your favorite Potions teacher, Severus Snape or Horace Slughorn? Snape openly hit the kids, which was always fun, but Slughorn was super helpful when you got him drunk. Hard to pick. Hard to pick.

These are but a few of the questions you might ask yourself when looking at the following infographic which chronicles the evolution of the Hogwarts teaching staff across the seven years of the original Harry Potter saga, remembering of course Harry was on the run for his life and thus not actually a student of the school that last semester:



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