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Literally Just a Video of Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Lines Spliced Into Star Wars IV-VI

YouTube and its curious algorithm just recommended that I watch this 4-year-old video of Arnold Schwarzenegger movie lines spliced into Darth Vader scenes from Star Wars IV, V and VI. If this ever changing world in which we live in makes you give in and cry then just watch this video. It’s good for two straight minutes of laughter. Well, probably not two straight minutes. Not all of the Arnold-as-Vader jokes are winners, but…

Hey! I wasn’t done with my intro yet! You can’t just post the video like that. We have to set the mood, make some labored comparison between Schwarzenegger’s mangled oratorical skills and James Earl Jones iconic baritone.

No. You don’t. It’s just a silly internet video. Here’s another one where a YouTuber did the same exact thing just with NSFW Samuel L. Jackson lines instead of Schwarzenegger:

Thanks, internet!



    1. I more know where all of the Arnold quotes come from, but I think the Jackson one is much funnier just because they had such better material to work with. E.G. “I don’t remember asking your mfing opinion. Please continue.”

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