Move over, Thor: Ragnarok. There’s about to be a new most-watched trailer in Disney history. I present  to you the Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser trailer:

Cynical response: I wonder how much of Luke’s dialogue in the trailer will actually be in the movie. Looking at you, intentionally misleading Force Awakens teaser.

Doubling down on the cynicism: To all those who regard Force Awakens as a pale imitation of New Hope, you’re probably seeing more of the same from Last Jedi since this teaser promises an Empire Strikes Back-like series of down-notes (thank you very much, Clerks) merged with Luke as Yoda training Rey as Luke.

My actual response: Well, that looks fairly amazing. While this teaser offers up next to nothing on plot (nor would we expect it too) it does at least touch base with all the franchise stalwarts and Force Awakens newbies, even Captain Phasma. Plus, it drops some tantalizing questions for the superfans and clickbait-needy outlets to obsess over for months (whose hands is touching that map? wait, what’s that map even for? why does Luke think the Jedi need to end? is that scene with Luke and R2 a flashback to Kylo Ren’s Knights of Ren massacre?). Moreover, it gets in and gets out without spoiling anything, reminding us that, in the incredibly small chance we’d somehow forgotten this, there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out this Christmas. But, come on, everyone’s going to see it. That’s just the new law around Christmas, that and pretending as if egg nog is anything other than disgusting.

What do you think? Are you in the cynical, overjoyed or meh camp in response to the trailer? And have you had just about enough of my ongoing war against egg nog? Likely story. I bet the egg nog council got to you. How much was your dignity worth, egg nog apologist? Let me know in the comments.


Posted by Kelly Konda

Grew up obsessing over movies and TV shows. Worked in a video store. Minored in film at college because my college didn't offer a film major. Worked in academia for a while. Have been freelance writing and running this blog since 2013.


  1. I am pleased with this teaser. Shows a lot but tells me nothing which brings the right balance (no pun intended) to it. But then i am also pleased to hear about hayden christenson aledged cameo so i am probably in the minority here. This trailer came out stealthily. I knew it was the 40th but had no idea or warning. Thought it was another fanboy mockup.


    1. “Shows a lot but tells me nothing which brings the right balance (no pun intended) to it.”

      Agreed. That’s a good teaser trailer should do. Set tone, offer some tantalizing footage, but stop short of actually saying anything about the plot.

      “But then i am also pleased to hear about hayden christenson aledged cameo so i am probably in the minority here”

      Cue the record scratch because that’s the first I’ve heard of a possible Christenson cameo. Wow. Don’t quite know how to feel about that.


      1. Do a google search.. The Hayden Christensen thing has been discussed for almost a year (or between Fast and the Furious 7 and Fast and Furious 8 to be exact). Some people thinking he is the worse thing about the prequels so will damage the new movies by being involved. Others say its a great way to connect it all. Well at least better than using Sebastian Shaw (sans eyebrows) or Jar Jar Binks. Here re some links from local tabloids from my area and more wellknown sites that you and I both frwquent. or

        I have been eagerly awaiting a blog from you on your thoughts on any of the prequel actors coming back, Euan has already done a voice cameo in episode 7, Samuel L has shouted publicly to George Lucas (hasn’t he heard about the rect aquistion) that he could have survived the fall in episode 3 as Jedi can jump really high and we have seen Mon Mothma and Jimmie Smidts in in Rogue One. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if the Emperor’s teacher whom he spoke so fondly of in Episode 3 turned up?

  2. […] quite a while now. I haven’t been following any of the Last Jedi rumors. I’ve only watched that new trailer two times. I’ve yet to re-watch Rogue One, even though I loved it the first time. I’m way […]


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