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The Defenders Trailer Perfects the Hallway Fight Scene

There were so many times in Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fost where it would have made perfect sense for Matt Murdock to suddenly enter a scene and claim to be Jessica/Luke/Danny’s lawyer. But that couldn’t happen. There were rules about this kind of thing. Some of the supporting cast members like Claire and Hogarth could pop up in other shows, and Jessica and Luke could share the screen for a while since their origin stories were so intertwined but only on her show. Otherwise, none of the future Defenders could ever directly interact.

Well, nuts to that noise because The Defenders premieres on August 18th, and in the newly-released first trailer we finally get to see these four mini-Avengers actually talk to each other, with plenty of Matt and Jessica getting out of a jam together and Luke and Danny testing each other out. Turns out, when Danny goes full-on Iron Fist his punch really can hurt Luke. Oh, those two are going to be lifelong friends. I can just tell, or at least guess as much considering their famous co-starring Heroes for Hire comic book.

What exactly brings them together? I dunno. Elektra, the death of New York and Sigourney Weaver’s mysterious new character are all pinpointed in the trailer as the connective tissue binding their fates, but we are left with few concrete details and plenty of eye-popping, clickbait-worthy moments, capped with The Defenders gathered and taking their turns in an awesomely orchestrated hallway fight scene in which they all four battle henchman while what appears to be Elektra advances on them from behind. In The Avengers, the first hero shot was of the disparate vigilantes and soldiers finally coming together as a team on that New York bridge as aliens streamed down from the sky; in The Defenders, it’s them kicking some ass together in a hallway because thanks to Daredevil season 1 that’s kind of the calling card of the Netflix Marvel shows.

Was that trailer enough to erase the foul taste of Iron Fist from your mouth (he says knowing full well that plenty of people actually liked Iron Fist)? Wish that the Defenders would move out of the way so you could see more of Elektra? More excited to see Misty Knight and Claire Temple returning? Or is this all just a passing distraction on the way to Punisher: Season 1 and additional seasons of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones? Let me know what you think in the comments.


    1. If it helps, The Defenders was run by Daredevil’s co-showrunner meaning there should be a similar level of quality. As for the other shows, the consensus is Jessica Jones (feminist film noir) and Luke Cage (comic book version of blaxploitation) are worth watching, not so much Iron Fist.

      1. I hated Jessica Jones but that’s a personal thing that has nothing to do with the quality of the show which is just fine. You might find all new reasons to dislike it, though, that are separate from mine.
        I skipped over all of the talking parts of Iron Fist which left me disappointed by the action scenes. The best thing I can say about IF is that it has plot and is pretty.
        I prefer Luke Cage even if I does have some pacing, and story problems, but I’m also biased because I’m a Power Man stan, and I think the actor is really cute.
        I would say the best of the four shows is Luke and DD, which I actually finished and enjoyed.

  1. I don’t know if it’ll wash the taste of IF from my palette, but I really liked DD, and this trailer looks cool. Of course I will sit and watch Sigourney Weaver read a grocery list, so there’s that.
    I’m in!

    1. It’s older Ripley versus Netflix’s Avengers. So many geek boxes being checked off. Even the Defenders actors themselves fangirled when they found out Weaver had been cast, or at least that’s what Charlie Cox told EW last year.

  2. loved DD and Jessica Jones. Cant wait for Punisher. IF and LC bored me though because it didnt offer anythign original in either of those two shows. So jury is still out on Defenders. I want to watch an am being optimistic

    1. I guess I never really answered my own question, but I am someone who loved DD season 1, loved around half of season 2, loved the first 10 episodes of Jessica Jones season 1, liked most of LC and somewhat grew to hate-watch IF. I general, I think all of the Marvel Netflix shows suffer from the dreaded Netflix creep where you can really sense them struggling to stretch things out to 13 episodes. As such, an 8-episode Defenders mini-series might be perfect, especially since the Daredevil showrunner presumably learned some lessons with all of season 2’s moving parts and is likely better at juggling so many different characters/plot points. Beyond that, I am really curious to see JJ season 2 and whether or not Punisher truly can carry his own series.

  3. I look forward to see more of Jessica and Danny. I hope that this show manages to utilize Danny well enough that the fandom will stop hating on him. Because I for my part really want a second season Iron Fist. And a Second season Jessica Jones. I am not really interested in the Punisher (who I feel is a good antagonist/supporting character but not a good lead) and I’ll take more Daredevil and Luke Cage, but I don’t really look forward to either unless there are guest appearances of the other heroes.

    1. I have noticed Netflix and Marvel have stayed relatively quiet on Danny/Iron Fist’s future. As you and I argued back when IF debuted, it’s likely they’re waiting to see if The Defenders can turn people around on him and lift the prospects of him continuing to carry his own show, or if they might fold him in with Luke Cage for Heroes for Hire. Just as long as we get to see more of Joy and Ward Meachum I’m on board with whatever they do.

      As for The Punisher—we’ve seen the amoral/taciturn vigilante show before, and you absolutely need to have a Cordelia Chase (for Angel) or Felicity Smoak (for Arrow) around to not just provide levity but also fill the many inevtiable pauses in dialogue you’ll have when you build everything around a central character who doesn’t say much. So, just on a basic screenwriting level I wonder who that’s going to be for Punisher, and mostly assuming they’ll try to slot Karen into that role, that is if she’ll be a full-time cast member instead of guest star.

      It’s an odd duck, that one. I do not know if The Punisher can really carry his own show, even with Karen Page around, but Jon Bernthal is pretty perfect in the role so I’ll definitely give it a chance whenever it arrives.

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