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Black Panther Trailer Reaction

Ryan Coogler made my favorite film of 2015. Chadwick Boseman was one of my favorite parts of Captain America: Civil War. I’m always going to at least be kind of interested in seeing anything starring Michael B. Jordan, Martin Freeman or Andy Serkis. I’m dying to see more of Florence Kashumba as Ayo after her “Move, or you will be moved” moment in Civil War. And I loved the first teaser-trailer.

After all of that, really, what more is there to say? I am so already in the bag for Black Panther. I might as well skip that new trailer. I mean, I’ll be there on opening night either way. Why invite any further spoilers?

What do you mean 5.1 million people have already streamed this trailer?

What do you mean social media has been flipping out over this for the past 24 hours?

What do you mean it’s kind of strange that I haven’t written something about it already?

Fine. I’ll watch it:

Holy shitballs, that looks amazing! I don’t know why Michael B. Jordan and Andy Serkis are teaming up. I don’t know how Michael B. Jordan appears to have an near-identical Black Panther suit of his own, albeit one with a different color scheme. I’m not even entirely clear on the extent of Boseman’s powers when he’s in his suit. At times, he almost seems like Spider-Man gliding around just without webs as support/makeshift vines. Is he maybe a little too powerful? Don’t care. This looks like a 007 superhero movie set in a futuristic version of Zamunda (from Coming to America), and why isn’t it February yet so we can all go see it?

Black Panther is due February 9, 2018.

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