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Blumhouse Is Doing a Horror Anthology Series for Hulu With a Holiday Twist

Consider me intrigued.

From io9:

Hulu and Blumhouse are teaming up to make Into the Dark, a 12-part horror series where each episode will take place around a holiday—starting with Halloween, of course.

At today’s Hulu Upfront presentation, attended by io9, Blumhouse founder Jason Blum shared that each episode will be the length of a movie and will feature a different director. The series starts with “The Body,” about a hitman who uses social media to make his latest conquest extra special, followed by November’s “Flesh & Blood,” which focuses on a teenager with agoraphobia who thinks her dad is a killer. Blum also teased episodes around a pageant winner on New Year’s Day and an overprotective mom for Mother’s Day. He said no holiday is off limits. Not even Easter.

“The Body” stars Tom Bateman and features Paul Davis in the director’s chair (it’s actually an adaptation of his short film); “Flesh & Blood” features Dermot Mulroney and has My Bloody Valentine 3D’s Patrick Lussier behind the camera.

Into the Dark debuts this October and will air the first Friday of every month. As IndieWire put it, “Each standalone entry will be feature-length, essentially turning the series into a Movie of the Month club run by Blumhouse — the production company behind Get Out, Insidious, and The Purge.” To celebrate the show’s arrival, Hulu will be staging its second annual Huluween (we all see what they did there), which is really just a fancy word for “We add a bunch of old horror movies and aggressively advertise them on our homepage.”

Last year, that included a series of video podcasts with the Shock Waves crew offering some much-needed human curation of Hulu’s horror selection. They even interviewed some of the applicable filmmakers, like Fright Night’s Tom Holland. No word on whether that’s coming back, but this year Hulu is doing “a fan film festival where amateurs will be paired with horror creators to create new short films.” Could be fun.

So, there you have it – Hulu and Blumhouse teamed up to make a horror movie Black Mirror with each episode tied to a holiday. Except don’t necessarily think of something as explicitly holiday-related as Halloween or Eli Roth’s fake trailer for Thanksgiving:

Instead, think of it more in Shane Black terms. You know how almost all of his movies just happen to be set around Christmas, even summer blockbuster Iron Man 3? It sounds like a lot of Into the Dark’s movies/episodes will just happen to coincide with a holiday. So, don’t get too worked up in anticipation of some grand Arbor Day episode.

Into the Dark debuts October 5.

Source: io9

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