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Trailer Reaction: Halloween Brings the Steadicam and Jump Scares

Every time I’ve seen the trailer for The Nun in a crowded theater the terrified jumps followed by cathartic laughs have been guaranteed. Everyone kind of knows to expect something scary to happen at the end of the trailer; they just don’t know where that scary thing is going to come from. The trailer plays on that tension beautifully and always seems to elicit the perfect response from the audience.

Well, The Nun is just about to come out. So, if I want to see people scared shitless by a trailer alone, I won’t have The Nun to kick around anymore. Luckily, today just offered up a worthy successor because this new Halloween trailer is, well, it’s basically a mini-horror movie:

Halloween superfans must be losing their minds after watching that. Blumhouse and director David Gordon Green have packed it to the brim with knowing nods to franchise norms, like an opening Steadicam scare, Michael mechanically sitting up like The Terminator, and Jamie Lee Curtis positioned near an awfully familiar-looking closet:

The Steadicam sequence, in particular, is so effective that it’s actually kind of disappointing when the shot briefly cuts after Michael obtains a hammer as a makeshift weapon. Still, the trailer cuts together the footage to make it seem as if there will be a prolonged sequence of Michael proceeding from house to house, killing first simply because a woman happens to be inbetween him and the butcher knife he wants, killing second because, um, he’s Michael Myers and he doesn’t need a reason.

Ah, yes – the “reason.” As a reminder, this Halloween is what we call a requel – part-reboot, part-sequel. It is a direct sequel to the ‘78 Halloween but ignores any of the other films in the franchise. So, here, Laurie Strode is not Michael’s sister meaning he’s been returned to the bogeyman who kills for no reason. That’s freed Laurie up to be a T2 Sarah Connor type who was once traumatized and victimized but now stands ready for the fight. I’ve previously noted this is somewhat a repeat of the basic setup of H20, cynically referring to this as H40.

But, we’re in September now. Halloween decorations litter every store I walk into these days, and I’m seriously getting into the spirit. I just want to watch some fun horror movies, and this looks perfect.

As with H20, this new Halloween is an opportunity for a multi-generational fan experience, something faithful enough to attract longtime devotees and any friends or family members those devotees might drag with them, but also basic and accessible enough to attract new fans. Once this new, truly stellar trailer hits theaters and gets Nun-style jump scares I’m thinking we’re looking at a pretty big opening weekend for Halloween come October 19th.

What about you? Are you surprised at just how high Michael’s body count is apparently going to be in this new film? How do you think Laurie can possibly escape Michael’s death grip as seen at the end of the trailer? Just curious about how much of the music heard in the trailer is from John Carpenter’s new compositions for the soundtrack? Or are you just completely over all Michael Myers movies at this point? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I have to admit. As much as i hate the idea of being expected to ignore h20 and halloween 2 to enjoy this, the trailer looks gooood. And there is no buster rhymes in sight.

    1. With you in general there – I’m resistant to the idea of this movie, not the reality of it because, damn, this new trailer is amazing.

      Incidentally, Halloween just premiered at TIFF and the reviews are phenomenal. Can officially start getting super excited (not sure on the exact number of positive reviews which serve as the dividing line between “excited” and “super excited,” but just go with me here):

      1. Oh no. If its a success then someone in the Akkad family will make a sequel to it for 2020 that will try and bump jaimie again and wheel in another rapper for a fresh take”

      2. “wheel in another rapper for a fresh take”

        I’d make a joke about that rapper being Kanye West, 50 Cent or Jay-Z but said joke would reveal I don’t know any rappers younger than them. Oh, crap – I just did it anyway!

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