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Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Reaction: Beware New Mentors in Glass Helmets

The Russo Brothers kept saying the ban on Avengers: Endgame spoilers was going to lift today. Anyone who wanted to honor that needed to see Endgame in its first 10 days. Now we know why: the new trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home is one giant Endgame spoiler. It might be years before we see another Avengers movie, but we only have to wait a couple of months to see a direct sequel to Endgame because that’s exactly what Far From Home is.

Beyond that, though, this trailer is also a pretty giant Spider-Man: Far From Home spoiler. It doesn’t entirely give away the farm, but several major plot developments which are surely meant to surprise in the context of the film are dropped into the trailer.

Or are they? Tricky trailer editing and all that.

Either way, you’ve been warned:

Ok. Major takeaways:

Iron Man’s death is going to loom large over everything, as well it should given the way the MCU substituted Tony for Uncle Ben in Spider-Man’s inevitable loss of a father figure.

In a larger sense, the MCU is left with a bit of a leadership void right now. With Iron Man and Captain America both off the board, who steps forward to replace them, especially since Thor is a Guardian of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel is currently too busy with her vaguely explained intergalactic policing duties, Hawkeye and Ant-Man are forever going to be preoccupied with more domestic concerns, and Falcon and Winter Soldier appear headed to a Disney+ adventure.

Black Panther is the obvious new face of the MCU’s more Earthbound adventures, but so too is Spider-Man. Anecdotally, he seems to always get the loudest applause in Endgame during the “here comes the calvary” moment where all the dusted characters come back. Audiences simply love him and his relationship with Tony Stark. It’s perfectly fitting for Far From Home to lean into the assumption that Peter will fill some of the Iron Man void. He even has Happy Hogan around to anoint him.

This larger call to action, however, is not something Peter appears to initially want. He just wants to be a teenager on vacation with a girl he likes, but he later spells it out pretty clearly: “The world needs the next Iron Man.” The question in Far From Home is whether your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is really the right person for the job.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio is not only a good guy but also hails from an alternate universe.

Or does he? Mysterio’s MO in the comics is basically that of a supervillain con artist. He uses special effects and magic, depending on the continuity, to create crises he pretends to solve. The lack of another human villain in the trailer certainly works toward making us believe Peter really will be battling giant CGI monsters, like one giant Sandman fight after another. More likely, however, is that in his post-Endgame grief Peter will move on to a new mentor figure, Mysterio, whose intentions are far from noble. Remember, the MCU does love its twists. Peter finding a new Tony Stark mentor who is actually evil would play into that.

If Mysterious really is from an alternate universe though then the Multiverse implications of Endgame are being carried over tenfold. The animated Spider-Man might not be the only one living in the Multiverse

MJ knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

Or does she? Give her dry sense of humor, she could just be kidding. I’m guessing not, though. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is historically averse to secret identity storylines. It’s one the biggest differentiators between the MCU and all comic book movies that came before. However, it’s pretty central to the Spider-Man mythos. They honored it in the first movie. As the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies showed, the natural next step is for MJ to figure it out in the second movie.

Lastly, apparently you can say “bitch please” in non-red band trailers now. I don’t point that out to sound prudish or offended or anything like that. I just didn’t know the MPAA would allow it.

The trailer promises there will no Thor or Captain Marvel cameo. Spider-Man appears to be on his own. Do you buy that? Or are you expecting more cameos than just Nick Fury and Maria Hill? Do you have other theories about what’s going to happen in the movie? Let me know in the comments.

Spider-Man: Far From Home opens just about everywhere July 2nd.


  1. Didn’t catch that mentoring part. Tho I’m not really buying he isn’t the villain here. That he’s from an alternate verse makes it easier to explain his powers (i.e., magic). And if that’s the case, isn’t Dr. Strange supposed to know about it? I like the jokes here better than the first movie. Idk, maybe because there’s Tony’s death to balance them out. Looks like there’s less of Aunt May here. Who else could come out? Maybe the Vulture? I read somewhere Scorpion would be teased.

    1. The mentoring thing comes from the two separate conversations we see between the pair, one where Mysterio asks Peter what he really wants to be doing rather than fighting crime and another where Mysterio references how being a hero sometimes means people dying. It just seems perfectly set up that Peter is sad over Tony, gets pulled into this mission by Nick Fury and partnered with Mysterio, and then the guy turns out to be a giant con-artist praying on the world’s post-Endgame longing for heroes. There’s no guarantee he really is from an alternate universe. He could be lying about everything because that’s what the character historically does in the comics. However, he’s also a dude who uses special effects and stage magic to pull off his cons. What we see in the trailer sure looks an awful lot like actual magic. As you said, that would open up a potential Doctor Strange cameo since they know each other. Aunt May does seem to have a pretty small here, you’re right. We saw a fair bit of her in the first trailer. Not at all in this one. Unless she goes on the trip with Peter as a chaperone, I don’t know how you naturally weave her into the storyline. If Mysterious is not the main or real villain, though, I admit I have no idea who it could be. The Sinister Six was hinted at in the Homecoming mid-credits scene, but it feels too early for that.

  2. I wonder if the answer will be “no” in the end. I just don’t see Marvel putting a character central to their MCU which isn’t outright owned by them.

    1. I am thinking the same. They appear to be leaning so hard into “he’s the new Iron Man” that a pull back twist seems inevitable. More likely, Peter will realize the best way to honor Tony is to be his own brand of hero whose life isn’t so grandiose that he can’t even go on a date with MJ. Moreover, the practical concern related to their tentative Song deal must certainly play a part, as you pointed out.

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