Catwoman Has Had More Costumes Over the Years Than You Probably Realize

In the comics, Batman recently proposed to Catwoman, and we have to wait several months to see if she says yes. Of course, if those two crazy kids go through it it will be Bruce Wayne marrying Selina Kyle, but in my head I’m picturing Batman walking down the aisle with Catwoman, both in full costume, with Batman possibly throwing on a bowtie and Catwoman possibly fitting a wedding dress over her catsuit. Her bouquet, of coure, wouldn’t be thrown afterward but instead whipped. When the priest dies during the inevitable attack from a Gotham villain The Flash will be the zany friend who just so happens to have taken an online course authorizing him to administer the wedding. And Alfred will openly weep when Batman Christian Bale-barks his vows.

I picture it that way because it amuses me to do so, but I’d be wrong to assume Catwoman would definitely be in her catsuit. That’s the way I’ve known her to roughly look from Batman Returns, Batman: The Animated Series and in everything else in the 25 years since, but thanks to this helpful infographic from my social media pal at HalloweenCostumes I now know that for the majority of the character’s history she looked every different than how we normally picture her. Hell, from the 40s up until the Adam West TV show (and even as late as 1975) she had a cape and cowl. Like with so many things Batman-related, our modern vision of her mostly came from Frank Miller, who was then mimicked by movies, TV shows, video games and future comic book artists. The kickas aviator helmet and glasses which become associated with her in recent years came from…oh, I’m overexplaining. This infographic covers all of that (and more):

You there

Source: HalloweenCostumes

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