Film Review: A Quiet Place Mixes the Primal With the Sentimental & I Loved Every Second of It

A Quiet Place is a film whose idea has always been there, just waiting to be realized. An almost entirely silent horror movie where anything above a whisper spells certain doom? Of course! Why hadn’t […]

Netflix Review: Orbiter 9 Twists and Turns Into Passengers Territory

In this current run of middling-to-terrible Netflix’s original sci-fi movies, Orbiter 9 at least gets the prize for taking some of the biggest swings. At the 20-minute mark, the entire premise is thrown out the […]

Franchise Review: Reaching Rock Bottom with Omen IV: The Awakening

After three films of diminishing creative and financial returns and a climactic battle that mostly entailed Sam Neill shouting “Nazarene” right before being bested by a “gotcha!” stab in the back, The Omen franchise seemed […]

Franchise Review: The Diminishing Returns of Damien: Omen II and Omen III: The Final Conflict

Once a minor genre meant for just B-movie fans and drive-in devotees, horror expanded and thrived in the seventies. Suddenly, and in stark contrast to the more monolithic nature of the slasher-dominated 80s, the seventies […]

Horror Classic Review: The Omen

Even if you’ve never seen 1976’s The Omen you probably already know about its big twist. Similar to The Sixth Sense, the grand explanation at the end of The Omen is just one of those […]

Pop Culture That Made Me Happy Last Month: March 2018

The unyielding onslaught of pop culture, life, work, and concerning politics leaves us so little time to stop and take a breath, but today I say no more! This is me flipping the finger at […]

HBO Review: Cast a Deadly Spell Is Like Bright But Nearly 30 Years Earlier

Watching HBO’s 1991 Original Film Cast a Deadly Spell, a comedy-fantasy-film noir mashup re-imagining H.P. Lovecraft as a private detective, reminded me of a recent Jason Blum quote about Netflix. It came during Blum’s interview […]

Netflix Review: The Titan Keeps Netflix’s Disappointing Sci-Fi Streak Alive

Netflix’s new film The Titan has a fairly cool idea at its center: what if we have to genetically remake humanity in order to survive? Specifically, future scientists faced with a looming apocalypse brought about […]

Film Review: Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One

Remember the Wii, Nintendo’s best-selling video game console that got us up off our couches and onto our feet for what was then the world’s most interactive form of gaming? We bowled, played tennis, defeated […]

Netflix Review: Always is Steven Spielberg’s Divorce Movie & It’s Super Awkward

By the end of the 80s, Steven Spielberg had made several films, most notably E.T., which reflected on his painful childhood experience of watching his parents divorce. He’d also made a break-up movie, infusing Temple […]