Depressing Thought: Directing a Marvel Movie Does Little For Your Career

-Who the hell do you think are? We’re the guys who made two Captain America movies! -And that’s supposed to matter to us, um, why? That’s roughly how Joe and Anthony Russo’s proposed partnership with […]

Ragnarok, Guardians, Homecoming & Marvel’s New Approach to Romance & Sex

Ragnarok spoilers below. I did a really lazy thing the other day. While talking to my brother about whether Thor: Ragnarok has any female characters my 5-year-old niece might like I casually referred to Tessa […]

The Joyous Energy of Thor: Ragnarok: A Spoiler-Filled Review

When it comes to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, Thor has always been the most problematic of characters. It’s nothing against Chris Hemsworth, who’s never less than charismatic when he hoists his mighty hammer into the air, […]

Let’s Finally Talk About This Quantum Leap Movie

I have been putting this off and putting this off. At this point, it’s barely even news anymore, but if you haven’t heard: That’s what show creator Donald Bellisario, with Scott Bakula by his side, […]

Box Office: Ragnarok & Hollywood’s Willful Submission to Tentpole Cinema

You’ve likely already read or heard plenty of numbers associated with Thor: Ragnarok, like $122 million (its domestic debut), $55 million (its record-setting debut in China) $306 million (its international total after 10 days), and […]

Disney’s Attempted Purchase of 20th Century Fox Film & TV, As Explained By a Comics Nerd

Basically, The Avengers and X-Men would finally get to hang out. The above takeaway is all you might want to know about CNBC’s bombshell? stunning? overblown? report that Disney recently spoke to 20th Century Fox […]

An Updated Ranking of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Post-Ragnarok

With Thor: Ragnarok finally in theaters we’ve officially reached the end of one of the biggest years in Marvel Studios history. This year was the first year that Marvel put out three new movies, and […]

Film Review: A Bad Moms Christmas & A Brief History of the Cash Grab Sequel

Why is A Bad Moms Christmas coming out the first weekend of November? We’re not even to Thanksgiving yet and here’s a Christmas movie. WTF? Moreover, why is there already a Bad Moms sequel even […]

Thor: Ragnarok Doesn’t Quite Pull Off Its Attempted Guardians of the Galaxy Make-Over, But It’s Fun Watching It Try

Thor: Ragnarok left me with the overwhelming urge to re-watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. What does James Gunn get about how to make one of these movies that Taika Waititi doesn’t, I wondered. Because […]

9 Things You May Not Know About Halloween: Resurrection

“It was…it was difficult, at best.” That’s stunt coordinator Donna Keegan’s most diplomatic description for what it was like working on Halloween: Resurrection. Released four years after H20 had injected life back into the beleaguered […]