Phantom Thread Weaves Its Own Beautiful Magic

Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread stitches itself together with the threads of different genres: It’s part bitter romantic comedy, part gothic horror, part chamber drama, and all glossed with a surface level delectability. Its mood […]

Uma Thurman Clarifies Her Story, Quentin Tarantino Explains Himself to Deadline

Uma Thurman hasn’t worked with Quentin Tarantino since the Kill Bill movies, and after her recent interview with Maureen Dowd for The New York Times one could assume it’s because of what happened on that […]

Netflix Review: The Cloverfield Paradox

The Cloverfield Paradox might as well be called Thinkpiece Generator: The Movie: A studio-produced, mid-budget sci-fi movie from a black director (Julius Onah) and starring a multi-ethnic cast (David Oyelowo, Ziyi Zhang, Daniel Bruhl, Elizabeth […]

Quentin Tarantino Was One of the First Beneficiaries of #MeToo. Now, The Movement Might Destroy Him.

In general, Hollywood doesn’t do accountability. It’s simply not built for it. Executives fail upward. Producers get away with being vile human beings. And some actors literally get away with murder, allegedly at least. The […]

Insidious: The Last Key & Winchester: Where Lin Shaye Leads, Helen Mirren Follows

Helen Mirren. Dressed all in black. Starring in a horror movie. Well, I’m sold. You’ve got my money, Winchester: The House that Ghosts Built (or, more accurately, MoviePass has my money). That’s just about the […]

Revisiting Best Worst Movie & The Cult of Appreciation for Bad Movies

In the wake of The Disaster Artist, the documentary Best Worst Movie, which was recently added to Amazon Prime, deserves a second look. Before Birdemic, The Room, and any number of other crimes against cinema, […]

A Paul Rudd Kind of Day: Ant-Man and the Wasp & Mute Trailers

Who doesn’t love Paul Rudd? Well, apparently this Facebook group doesn’t, but I’m assuming they’re doing a parody because, really, how can you hate Paul Rudd? So, why not start off your day with a […]

Cult Classic Horror Film Review: Fade to Black

Dr. Moriarty: [Using his calm voice and trying to be the good cop] You’re Eric Binford. We can help you, Eric. Eric: Who? Dr. Moriarty: [Well, that didn’t work. Time for bad cop] Binford, you’re […]

Netflix Review: A Futile and Stupid Gesture

Netflix’s new original film A Futile and Stupid Gesture joins the recent mini-trend of ultimately redundant feature film dramatizations of events already chronicled in superior documentaries. For example, who needs The Walk when the world […]

Film Review: It’s a Minor Miracle That Maze Runner: The Death Cure Exists at All

Part of the triumph of Maze Runner: The Death Cure is that it exists at all. The final installment in a YA dystopia franchise which launched four years ago in the wake of Hunger Games, […]