Hereditary’s D+ CinemaScore, Explained

Oh, A24, those mischievous bastards have done it again. They’ve ridden the horror movie hype train straight into box office glory and near-instantaneous pushback. Hereditary delivered both their biggest opening weekend of all time ($13m) […]

Ocean’s 8 & The Ladies Getting Shit Done at the Box Office in 2018

Going through the various weekend box office reports just now, the following observation over at BoxOfficeMojo jumped out to me: Elsewhere in the top ten, STX’s Adrift dipped a disappointing 56.5% for a sixth place […]

Film Review: Hotel Artemis Is a B-Movie On Its Best Behavior

Take The Continental idea from John Wick. Turn it into an exclusive, strict rules-driven ER for criminals instead of an exclusive, rule-driven hotel for assassins. Add Jodie Foster and Dave Bautista as the NURSE and […]

Film Review: Ocean’s 8 Gets By On Plenty of Cool Attitude

Ocean’s 8 is good, but not great, fun, but not as much as you want it to be and rather lacking in worthy characters beyond Anne Hathaway’s scene-stealing turn as a ditzy actress who’s smarter […]

Trailer Reaction: Blumhouse’s Halloween Looks Like H40

The Halloween franchise is a mess of retconned timelines, quirky standalone entries, and hillbilly remakes. However, upon viewing the trailer for Blumhouse’s new Halloween requel (part-reboot/part-sequel) I was struck by the new tradition: every 20 […]

Film Review: Hereditary Weaponizes Dread & Features One of the Best Performances of the Year

A24’s latest art-house horror film Hereditary is supremely unsettling and anchored by one of the best performances of the year in any film, horror or otherwise, from Toni Collette. What follows is my spoiler-lite review. […]

Film Review: Tragedy Girls Tries to Be a Millennial Heathers

What if aspiring Instagram influencers/YouTubers started killing people to get more followers? That’s the pitch for Tragedy Girls, the latest in an increasingly long line of female-led slashers. At some point when the world stopped […]

Reacting to the Latest Trailers: Bumblebee, Wreck-It Ralph 2, Lego Movie 2, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse & Suspiria

At Texas Frightmare last month, I attended a rather informal Q&A hosted by Blumhouse producer and Shock Waves co-host Ryan Turek. We were all free to ask any questions we wanted about Blumhouse’s past and […]

The Pop Culture That Made Me Happy Last Month: May 2018

To some degree, it feels like all of pop culture is still in full recovery mode post-Infinity War, which might be why May seemed like a bit of a dead month to me. Sure, we […]

What Is BH Tilt? – The Ultra-Low Budget Label Behind Upgrade

Why was Upgrade’s opening weekend so unimpressive? Why did I never see an Upgrade trailer or commercial on TV? And why isn’t the movie playing anywhere close to me? These are some of the questions […]