Inhumans Fallout: IMAX & ABC Had a Good IDea. Too Bad Marvel Dropped the Ball.

Marvel and ABC’s Inhumans just debuted in IMAX theaters across the world last weekend as a first-of-its-kind deal debuting a TV show in movie theaters months before its actual TV premiere. It didn’t go well. […]

Netflix Review: Little Evil Tries, But Fails to Replicate the Tucker & Dale Versus Evil Formula

There’s this concerning trend developing at Netflix: They keep hiring promising directors to make movies for them, and those directors keep failing to produce their best work. This year alone, The One I Love’s Charlie […]

Amazon Review: Learning to Appreciate The Tick In the Age of Superhero Saturation

How have I gone this long without seeing The Tick? That might seem like a strange question to ponder after binging the 6-episode first season of Amazon’s The Tick. Because, seriously, it’s the first season, […]

Film Review: Birth of the Dragon Is About As Wrong-Headed As They Come

White Guy Explains Kung Fu Legend. Huh. That doesn’t have the same ring to it, but it’s a more accurate title for Birth of the Dragon. I knew I was in for trouble with this […]

Box Office: What Are Some of the Positives From This Summer of Pain?

The final summer box office numbers are in, and they’re seriously not good. According to THR, “Summer box-office revenue in North America will end up being down nearly 16 percent over last year, the steepest […]

Netflix Review: Disjointed Is More Intriguing Than It Is Funny

Disjointed, Netflix’s latest attempt at a progressive version of a multi-camera, laugh track sitcom, is the brainchild of longtime network TV veteran Chuck Lorre (Grace Under Fire, Dharma & Greg, Two and a Half Men, […]

Game of Thrones “The Dragon and the Wolf” (S7:E7): Right Here, Right Now

SPOILERS…OBVIOUSLY Mr. Night King, tear down this wall. More on that later. First, Game of Thrones has a way of making you bloodthirsty. Even though you dread the possibility of losing favorite characters you rejoice […]

Box Office: We Just Witnessed the Worst Weekend for New Movies Since 9/11

At the beginning of the year when you looked at the release calendar for new movies one thing was abundantly clear: August was going to be bleak. That’s kind of always true about August. It’s […]

Am I Really Going to Mansplain What Was Wrong With James Cameron’s Mansplaining of Wonder Woman?

It’s been a bad week for high profile male feminists. First Joss Whedon. Now James Cameron. I’ve already written about the Whedon controversy, but I’ve been dragging my feet on whether or not to write anything […]

Film Review: Logan Lucky Finds Steven Soderbergh Looking Back Before He Can Go Forward

Near the end of Logan Lucky, Steven Soderbergh’s new heist comedy, one of the lead characters openly wonders whether he’s doomed to repeat the past. His brother takes a more optimistic approach and proudly boasts […]