Film Review: Upgrade is the Sci-Fi Action Flick for the 14-Year-Old in All of Us

“2001 meets Robocop meets The Crow meets Blade Runner meets Her meets Death Wish meets Minority Report. And that’s a major compliment.” That’s how Florida Project director Sean Baker described Upgrade in his Letterboxd review. […]

Film Review: Adrift Could Have Been a Simple Tale of Survival. Instead, It’s a Love Story & I Ate It Up.

It’s just you, a damaged boat with quickly dwindling supplies, and the unending vastness of the ocean. Good luck. That’s the feel-good hook of Shailene Woodley’s new survival thriller Adrift, a loose adaptation of Tami […]

Netflix Review: Arrested Development Is Back, It’s Better, But Also Kind of Depressing

Jeffrey Tambor and his newly revealed history of on-set misconduct is a social media lightning rod right now. It might keep you from watching the new season of Arrested Development, which was filmed before his […]

The Utter Inevitability of the Roseanne Controversy

Somebody said something bad on Twitter and got punished for it. I’m still letting that sink in. Roseanne Barr cracked a truly awful joke and hours later her show was canceled, wiping out the jobs […]

Disney Suddenly Realizes Releasing Solo 5 Months After Last Jedi Was a Bad Idea. They Couldn’t Have Figured That Out Sooner?

“We have a lot of work to do in trying to understand this. We are all over it and will spend a lot of time digging into why things happened the way they did in […]

Box Office: How Low Is Too Low for Solo: A Star Wars Story?

Let me be the first to say the following about Solo: A Star Wars Story’s box office: I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Ah, classic movie quote. [Leaves to check the rest of the […]

Film Review: Solo: A Star Wars Story is the Least Essential Star Wars Movie I’ve Ever Seen

This is a spoiler-lite review, meaning I discuss the basic shape of the plot but none of the twists or big surprises.  Here are we in a pop culture landscape increasingly dominated by old ideas, […]

The Check-In: Have You Reached Superhero Fatigue Yet?

Wakanda forever, Black Panther. Hey Infinity War, I’m still not feeling so good. Hah. Storyline reference. Deadpool 2. Meta! Fridging! Jokes! Crazy marketing! Oh, what about that post credits-scene! Amiright? Good times. As Ron Burgundy […]

Let’s Talk About Deadpool 2’s Fridging Controversy

The problem with having a self-aware central character who regularly points out the artifice of his own reality is that it creates a certain set of expectations. Like, for example, if your movie starts with […]

The Han Solo Origin Story We Almost Got (And Then Kind of Did on Kids TV)

October 30, 2012, a date that will live in nerd infamy. That is the day Star Wars lost its original author. Everything Star Wars-related before that had to go through one man: George Lucas. After, […]