Review: The Wonderfully Messy Rough Night & The Myth that Female-Led Comedies Are Still Novelty Items

Rough Night is a Frankenstein’s monster of a comedy combining equal parts Bridesmaids, The Hangover, Very Bad Things and Weekend at Bernie’s in a story of a bachelorette party gone horribly wrong when the male […]

Netflix Doc Review: Getting A League of Their Own Vibe from GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Netflix will soon premiere a TV show, GLOW, about a little known 1980s wrestling organization, but before it arrives let’s look at the 2012 documentary which inspired its existence: GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous […]

Report: Tom Cruise Either Salvaged What He Could From The Mummy’s Troubled Production Or Made It So Much Worse

The Mummy is… You know what? Screw The Mummy and its weird, rapey subtext. I’ll get to the movie in a second because Variety has a new report on some behind the scenes issues which […]

Everyone – Including Jennifer Lawrence – Is Coming Back for X-Men: Dark Phoenix & Jessica Chastain Might Be Joining Them

After Deadpool, X-Men: Apocalypse and Logan the future of the X-Men franchise seemed clear: Jackman is out. Fassbender, Lawrence, McAvoy and Hoult are free to walk (in Lawrence’s case that walk looks more like a […]

Mini-Trend Alert: Movies Based on Articles

Content is king in Hollywood. Or at least it used to be. In fact, super producer Robert Evans made it sound so easy in his autobiography The Kid Stays in the Picture – pay attention […]

Film Review: It Comes at Night & The Rise of A24’s Critically Adored, But Audience Polarizing Horror Movies

Ever since A24 was founded in 2012 by three film production veterans it has turned into the little indie studio that could, distributing and producing an average of 12 films per year, running the gamut […]

Catwoman Has Had More Costumes Over the Years Than You Probably Realize

In the comics, Batman recently proposed to Catwoman, and we have to wait several months to see if she says yes. Of course, if those two crazy kids go through it it will be Bruce […]

Box Office: The Mummy, Dark Universe & When Studios Stop Caring About the Domestic Audience

The Mummy is a flop. I want so badly to be able to say that. The Mummy is a terrible, terrible movie that says quite a lot of unflattering things about the people who made […]

Doctor Who’s “The Empress of Mars”: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I’ve been accused (and perhaps fairly so) of reading too much into Doctor Who’s recent episodes, seeing social commentary where I wanted to. As such, I hesitate to share my views on “The Empress of […]

Film Review: The Mummy Is Embarrassing On So Many Levels

The Mummy is an epic mess of a movie, but it was always going to be, considering all the ingredients which went into its making. There’s a male director (Alex Kurtzman) who has only made […]