Cinematic Blindspot: Melancholy & The Infinite Wonder of Steven Spielberg’s A.I.

Steven Spielberg. Stanley Kubrick. Spielberg. Kubrick. Spubrik? Kielberg? Nope. Nuh-uh. Not happening. Those two just don’t go together. Both giants of cinema, sure, but also on the complete opposite ends of the spectrum, with Spielberg […]

Something Evil Review: Steven Spielberg Made a Supernatural Horror Movie in 1971 & It’s Not Bad

Steven Spielberg once made a supernatural horror movie, and it’s probably not the one you’re thinking of. A decade before Poltergeist’s haunted house, a film Spielberg didn’t technically direct, and four years before the aquatic horror […]

My Disney/Pixar Bracket – And Coco for the Win

Oh, Twitter user @smjxmj, what hath thou wrought with this Disney/Pixar bracket? Friendships ended. Arguments had. Blood spilled. Words wasted. How are, really, to choose between the best of Disney and the best of Pixar? […]

Suddenly, Deadpool 2 is 2018’s Only New X-Men Movie

Remember when we were all worried about “superhero fatigue” and whether or not the market could really withstand 6, 8, as many as 10 new comic book movies a year? Funny thing about that: we never quite […]

Film Review: Love, Simon

As the first of its kind – a gay coming out teen rom-com made and released nationwide by a major Hollywood studio – there is a lot of pressure on Love, Simon to not only […]

Netflix Review: Tabula Rasa’s “Poisoned Poem” Imagery is Secondary to Its True Horror

Tabula Rasa is a (maybe) haunted house story told in slow motion. It’s also a pretzel-shaped mystery, domestic drama, noir crime story, and mind-fuck thriller. It’s a lot of things, is the point, all of […]

Cinematic Blindspot: Long Live the New Flesh in David Cronenberg’s Videodrome

David Cronenberg’s Videodrome, released the same year as the directors’ far more conventional The Dead Zone, is about a malignant TV show designed to get inside the minds and bodies of its viewers. Kind of […]

They Shoot Old Superhero Movie Actors, Don’t They?

So, Chris Evans is retiring from his role as Captain America, the steady gig which has ensured him an appearance in at least one Marvel Studios film a year since 2011. Well, maybe. Kind of. […]

SyFy Review: Krypton Plays a Lot Better If You’ve Never Seen Smallville. Or Supergirl. Or Any Superman Movie Ever, Really.

I…can’t. I just can’t with Krypton right now. It’s a comic book show. It airs on SyFy after The Magicians, a show I adore. It features DC characters like Adam Strange and Brainiac and dares […]

Deadpool 2 Trailer Reaction: Wade Said Knock You Out

Have we ever seen anything quite like Deadpool 2 before? I don’t mean the actual movie. The bigger and better superhero sequel is almost as old as the genre itself, even if this particular sequel […]